Academia Introduces a Premium Account

Richard Price
Mar 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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Readers, Mentions, Advanced Search, and Expanded Analytics

Academia’s mission is to get every academic paper ever written on the internet, available for free, and to develop a more rigorous and efficient peer review system. Free access to academic research makes the world a more equitable place, and rigorous and efficient peer review accelerates the pace of scientific and scholarly research.

Academia launched in 2008, and now around 35 million people use the site a month. Around 19 million papers have been uploaded, and are freely available on the platform. Forty percent of Academia’s users are from developing countries and would otherwise have limited access to academic research.

In order to achieve Academia’s goals, Academia is working to become a sustainable operation. As part of that operation, we have introduced Academia Premium, which includes extra features such as Readers, Mentions, Expanded Analytics and Advanced Search.

  • Readers tells you who is reading your papers
  • Mentions alerts you when papers are uploaded mentioning your name
  • Expanded Analytics provides a more detailed look at what kinds of people visit your profile and how people find your papers
  • Advanced Search allows you to find exact keyword matches in the full text of every paper on Academia

Academia’s Premium features are designed for people who want to stay on top of how their work is being found, read, and cited by the other academics on Academia and in the wider academic community, and to understand the impact it is having. Upgrading to an Academia Premium account helps keep the site’s free features available for others around the world, while also helping you make the most of your work.

In considering what features to offer in the Premium account, we decided that features related to the mission of the company should be free. This means that features related to open access (free access to uploading and downloading papers), and features related to peer review (sessions, recommendations) are free. As we add new features to Premium, we will continue to ensure that features related to the mission (open access, sessions, recommendations) are free.

Many of our Premium users upgraded to support the mission of the company. We are grateful they consider ours a cause worth supporting. We will continue to serve all academics around world, freely distributing the research they need to find cures for diseases, combat political corruption, promote public health, and enrich their knowledge of history, philosophy, anthropology and 2 million other topics that are available on Academia. We are grateful to all the academics who have contributed to Academia and to making the world a more equitable place.


Accelerating the World’s Research

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