The EU: Should we stay or should we go?

“Should we stay or should we go?” This big question has been occupying most of our citizens’ minds for a while, especially so now that The Referendum is only a few months away. News channels are filled with chatter on the topic, and there are mixed messages coming through.

We have devised the benefits of leaving/staying in the EU with the help of our own academic — Mark Kirkham to hopefully make it clearer for our readers.

The six key benefits of leaving:

  1. Every EU member country abides by certain laws, set by the Union. Leaving will mean that our government won’t be bound by those and will be free in designing our own domestic laws.
  2. Leaving the EU would mean that we can speed up free trade agreements with other countries, although these agreements would be on different terms.
  3. We may be able to introduce our own immigration system, however this will depend on the T&C’s of the trade agreement we subsequently have with the EU.
  4. We won’t need to contribute anything towards the European budget. Instead our Parliament can spend it on what they need to spend it on.
  5. We could be represented by our own MP’s rather than by the European Union when negotiating international agreements.
  6. Altogether we could create a whole new relationship with the rest of the world.

The six key benefits of staying:

  1. We all need to eat! All EU member-countries have the Common Agricultural policy, which backs our farming industry; this keeps our food prices stable and cheap.
  2. Ever worked in Europe? EU protects jobs through maintaining unrestricted access to the EU market. This safeguards up to 3 million jobs in the UK alone and it gives our businesses free access to the largest common market in the world.
  3. EU maintains our security and protects the UK from terrorist attacks by information cross-sharing. In addition, the European Arrest Warrant means that we can extradite dangerous criminals to their country of origin. Information sharing is an essential mechanism the EU performs that helps us counter terrorism.
  4. EU makes the UK more powerful when we are represented by the huge EU bloc, especially when dealing with massive trading blocs like China and the US. EU trade deals can push for better terms which directly maintain jobs in the UK. In addition, when dealing with international corporations, if we are represented by the EU, we can ensure that they pay the right amount of tax.
  5. EU loyally protects human rights law. Ever heard of the European Court of Justice? It maintains the European treaties and ensures that international human rights law is sustained throughout the EU. This is legally binding throughout the member states, which means that on issues of human rights, EU law protects the rights of citizens all over Britain.
  6. EU protects workers’ rights and equal pay. It is the EU, that introduced the idea of paid maternity and paternity leave which has huge benefits for working people with families. In 1957 it also announced the Equal Pay Act, which means that women and men have a right in law to equal pay.

Now what do you think, should we stay or should we go? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook!