Defining Right to Opinion: The Tale of a Stand Up Comedian

How have we erected meanings to opinions and formed constructive criticisms is, what shall set the pace for this week’s article on why making opinions matter and how they don't come with boundaries.

Do you recall that juncture in time where you sat in class and felt so optimistic about sharing your viewpoint? Yes, hold yourself at that moment and think about the kind of liberation that came along with it. Now that’s what Freedom feels likes.

Did, it feel like you belonged there and felt present, if so then that is exactly what acts as an instrumental reinforcement in your personality today when you pitch that idea during your scrums and pitch meetings.

Now, why does this matter, and how has the social media landscape, tenured artisans by proffering them with a spacious forum, yet with a disruptive Repressive State Apparatus behaviour.

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(If you wish to know more about this ideology, do check out my recent post by clicking on this link )

“Nafrat jeet gai, Artist haar gaya.
I'm done! Goodbye.”

This in translation reads — Hatred won, artist, lost. (

Munawar Faruqui is the man of the hour whose humour has got the nation governmental factions unsettling, after his Instagram post on Sunday sent a ripple effect especially with his fans, on how all his 12 shows got cancelled and all that the police had to say was how it was a “Law and Order Breach”.

Several activists, music composers and print media organisations have come forward by supporting this young aspirant and why he giving up is only going to make the situation a viable option for multiple religious conflicts.

He took it to Instagram to share his turmoil, over the multiple arrests he had to face in Indore and Madhya Pradesh and how it was sheer injustice. Mr Faruqui, during one of his interviews with NDTV, had opened up about how his show was being the bread and butter to almost 80 people on his crew and has put them through severe hardship in the last few months.

In these times, where every post, click or comment we are encircled with directly points at Hate Speech, Social injustice, Tampering with personal and public rights, Police Brutality and sexual offence towards all genders, definitely puts us into questioning the kind of society we’ve created as individuals and how is this society anywhere going to propagate optimism and security?

Mr Faruqui is not new to us, we’ve been swooned by similar names when it comes to making opinions against the Hindu Religion. Gauri Lankesh was an incident that shook the country, and there are many more like Natasha Narwal, Amulya Leon and other social media influencers and artists.

“Justice delayed is justice denied”, shouldn’t just be a Phrase for elite columnists. and other writers.

Art has always been a form of expression, and to curb it seems like an agenda to seize citizens of their fundamental rights.

The content is never the problem the perspectives are.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your feedback and views on the same, you never know this could lead you to fresh ideas.

Until Next Time Folks!!

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