Human trafficking to Human Rights: A Measure of the distance to be traveled.

“Slavery was, in a very real sense, the first international human rights issue to come to the fore. It led to the adoption of the first human rights laws and to the creation of the first human rights non-governmental organization. And yet despite the efforts of the international community to combat this abhorrent practice, it is still widely prevalent in all its insidious forms, old and new.” (Kofi Annan).

Does Human Trafficking in some context or the other have its roots in Slavery?

This question has always pondered upon every individual’s mind who works on and with Human Trafficking and those who fall prey to this social evil.

Human Trafficking in its most simple sense can be ratified as an incessant situation where there is discrimination or exploitation of life and there is a widespread deprivation of one’s individual Human rights. This also sheds light upon the ‘trafficking cycle’, which means the kind of pattern or systemic violence both physically and mentally on individuals predominantly of those belonging to the lower strata of the society as they become easy targets to traffickers.

It is uncanny and indecorous to come across, the kind of trauma, mental health deterioration, and physical abuse individuals are put through. Human Trafficking was probably the primary area of notice by the Human Rights organizations that got included in its protocols.

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Human Rights is probably the most veracious intervention that is included in our political or social systems for it promulgates the different features of the right to liberty, equality, freedom of association and movement, and other basic necessities is safeguarded under the purview of Law.

How effective has the inclusion of Human Trafficking under Human Rights has been?, is what shall be addressed in this essay and this comes with a descriptive analysis of information.

We are narrativizing the humankind that destroys its own, and this gets normalized in the world we live in today. This does build in an argument or dissent in other words of the future of Humankind itself. How does one get encapsulated in this cycle is again in a quite ordeal fashion, where in its behind poverty, relationship trauma, domestic violence/abuse, gender identity, and economic degradation or inequality.

2. Humans have created wonders and destroyed their creations and this mere act of Trafficking is problematic on so many levels, for it’s so gory and takes a great toll on one’s mental health and, however, there are laws that offer protection to those affected, the problem still persists.

It is to be noted that, in the latest report from the UN under its laws on Anti-trafficking it was stated that, close to 80,000 people get trafficked every year and are rarely rescued and are put through a series of manual labor and all other types of jobs that cause them exploitation. This state of living is quite atrocious undoubtedly for it sabotages all their dreams and strips them of a life they could otherwise afford and leaves them at a state of pure misery and eventually end up becoming clutched under this discrimination, and turn submissive without having a voice or even a need in may case to fight for.

On the other hand, the highly targeted individuals are usually Women and Children as they are considered to be the vulnerable Gender and this gives the traffickers an advantage to take ownership of the life and are also individuals who are uneducated, gender imbalances, victims of patriarchy and discrimination.

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Subsequently, these groups are targeted especially when there is an unjust political system, poverty, zero will to obey judicial laws, regional and religious inequalities. The other underlying problem here is that of unawareness and partial knowledge of Human trafficking and the kind of stigmas it entails and this is quite a problem especially in such ordeal times we live in

3. as any body can get kidnapped and trafficked in the process, and when political parties and the media agencies treat it nothing more than an agenda it only matters for that few seconds and other news or happening usually gain maximum attention.

What is of a high priority here is the kind of upbringing boys and girls go through in our societies, with the infestation of patriarchy, the assumed roles that parents have dictated to their children, of how girls are less in terms of potential and thinking abilities and their only priority is to look after the household chores, rear children and nurture them and not interfere with employment.

This also denied them with the access to education and other kinds of agencies that they can utilize especially when trafficking happens, these targeted groups of individuals are put through severe torture and abuse and to a point end up becoming mentally unstable.

It’s also quite essential to point out that Human trafficking is a multi-casual problem and it doesn't end with one possible solutions, as so many countries and organizations do it for so many different reasons, and thus there is no exclusive approach that can be undertaken.

Governments and judicial systems have the accountability, and the responsibility to be vigilante and look into this toxic practices in an inclusive manner.

Influence of Public Policy, strict actions against traffickers, resources to underprivileged societies, employment opportunities to graduates, better education system and faculties, must be ensured in areas where trafficking is prominent.

A separate wing in the Police Administration Department, must be recruited solely to take up surveillance on these unethical activities in order to ensure utmost safety and security.

Human Trafficking has three main trajectories which is Act where in the action or what is actually done is synthesized and the next component being Means where the road map or process to how its planned and finally it is the Purpose that explains as into why did such an erroneous act even take place?

This is how Human Trafficking is examined and studied in length when there is a rescue case. Migrants are those who are mostly affected when it comes to being Trafficked as neither are they known by people nor do they have places to go to and seek help and its these indications that traffickers use effectively to organize a Trafficking.

4 Human Rights has been a commendable organization all through especially for the victims in providing them with a livelihood, counselling, health and nutrition, food and safety and helped them make a living for themselves through Skill Developments and Training.


Human Trafficking as mentioned earlier has several forms however its entirely different from Smuggling and Exploitation. There are several layers to its where it begins with coercion and force followed by slavery and servitude and then there is Internal Trafficking that happens in a very closed setup and not a lot of people go missing in groups but its done is intervals to avoid problems.

Smuggling happens for a solely different purpose where the card at play is predominately power and authority and that’s how superpowers and developed countries have shaped the world economies and smuggling of drugs, skin, diamonds and other gems are a few forms of smuggling where the people at work are put through serious labor.

Exploitation has different mediums as well, Sexual Exploitation being a prominent one is also quite a lot in practice especially in the third world countries according to surveys done and that questions a lot of other practiced that humans have performed for decades.

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Change in inevitable, it doesn't happen overnight and only with the right set of ideologies and goals can one instill changes. Human Trafficking as already mentioned is not something that can be fixed with one solution, understanding the nature and cause along with the trajectories of Trafficking, is important to arrive at an conclusion in order come up with possible solutions along with informed opinions.

This will ensure a healthy process throughout the planning of the solutions and it will be effective at all costs, and it is here where organizations like Human Rights must pay maximum attention to and design frameworks and policies.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your feedback and views on the same, you never know this could lead you to fresh ideas.

Until Next Time Folks!!



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