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Announcing our Investment in Mighty

We’re excited to announce our latest investment in Mighty. Last week, Mighty shared the news of our participation in their $4.3M seed round with Slack Fund, GSV Ventures, Origin Ventures, Album VC, and Village Global.

Mighty is a modern work experience platform that combines work visibility and team alignment with employee recognition and development. We believe Mighty has the potential to become the “operating system for work.” By connecting the users primary application of choice (Slack, Jira, Trello) with back office systems of record (Workday, Salesforce, SAP), Mighty can create team alignment and enable a better way to track emerging skills, and skills gaps, within an organization. Mighty works “in the flow of work” no matter how teams are organized or what tools they use.


For the last two decades, companies have strived to more effectively manage their people by automating and integrating essential processes from recruiting and performance management to training and development. Integrated, cloud-based talent management solutions promised to bridge the employment lifecycle by better understanding individual performance through appraisal and review systems and then resolving deficiencies by prescribing development actions. Integrated talent management also promised to identify the sources of our top talent, regardless of their skills, and leverage the data to source more top performance candidates and streamline them into the organization with automated onboarding.

We believe most talent management initiatives have failed miserably. During my management consulting days, we used to tell clients, “LinkedIn knows more about your employees than you.” Sadly, this is still the case for many companies around the world. Work is disconnected, teams lack clear alignment, and actual skills are relatively unknown across an organization. It’s not obvious because work and teams are buried in layers of tools and cross-functional activities, fragmenting our view into how people and teams align to work, and what work is driving company goals.


Mighty is one of the most beautifully-designed products we’ve seen in the market that merges productivity tools with people management. Mighty is unique in that much of the functionality is buried in the product, creating a frictionless user experience. Unlike other WorkTech vendors with feature bloat, Mighty has buried the complexity of the product into the design to eliminate feature bloat and user friction.

We believe Mighty’s product is unique in that it provides:

Visibility and alignment. Top to bottom visibility of the people and teams involved in project-based work and how that work aligns to key initiatives of an organization, no matter how teams are formed, or what tools they use.

Recognition and development. Feedback directly connected to the completion of work and sent through tools like Slack. People see how their effort ties to the bigger picture, learn in the flow of work, and get recognized for their impact.

Data to move faster. Data from work and performance to help workers drive more of their own development, help managers and team leads build impactful project teams faster, and promote rapid course corrections.

Check out this video to learn more about Mighty and their vision…




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