Going from HRTech to WorkTech

Photo courtesy of Phil Wainewright @ diginomica

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at the UNLEASH Conference in Amsterdam. My goal was simple — challenge the audience to expand their thinking about “HR Tech”. Thanks to Becky Norman for a nice write-up of my presentation.

I think we should start talking about “WorkTech.” My friend Thomas Otter agrees. For too long now, we have tried to optimize our legacy processes for managing performance reviews, completing compliance training and praising our employees with their 2.6% annual merit increase. We have ignored the workers!

Its time to put workers at the center of the employment universe. What do employees care about in 2019? I call it the 5 Ps of Work…

Workers want to be more productive and spend time on things that are important to them whether is working, learning, and living. We have failed in recent years and productivity gains have stalled in exchange for more meetings and more emails. When is the last time HR evaluated productivity and the tools that are used within the organization? Ugh…never!

What about progression? Progression isn’t just about that mediocre promotion. Employees care about progressing their skills or balancing their work and life in exchange for the new fancy title and 30 more hours of work.

Prosperity should be more than a salary. We are dying for a paycheck. Wellness must go beyond pay and health to including financial wellness and mental wellness.

These are just a few of the themes in the presentation. I encourage you to check out the presentation in its entirety (all 95 slides) and share your feedback.