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Acala Enables DOT Bridge in Preparation for DeFi Economy

Earn an ‘Early Adopter’ NFT by Bridging Your DOT to Acala for Additional DeFi Utility.

Bridging DOT to Acala

Acala Enables DOT Bridge

Navigating the Early Adopter Phase

  • Acala Dollar (aUSD), a decentralized, multi-collatateralized stablecoin that enables users to mint aUSD using collateral such as ACA, DOT, BTC, or ETH. Minting aUSD adds additional utility to existing assets while enabling development teams to integrate the Polkadot-native stablecoin to their DEXs, money markets, DeFi platforms, EVMs, and more.
  • Acala Swap, a trustless cross-chain exchange, which will feature trading pairs and liquidity pools beginning with LCDOT/DOT, aUSD/DOT, and ACA/aUSD. (Details of bootstrap periods and liquidity mining incentives to be revealed soon.)
  • DOT Liquid Staking, a DApp that enables users to earn staking rewards on their DOT while maintaining access to its liquidity through receipt of LDOT, an unlocked, yield-earning token that can be used as collateral for an aUSD stablecoin loan, for trading within Acala Swap, or for becoming a liquidity provider (LP) in future LDOT pools.
  • Acala EVM+, an Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract platform that not only enables deployment of Solidity builds with familiar toolsets (Metamask, Truffle, Waffle), but also delivers chain-level features unique to Substrate: including customizable economy policy; flexible fees, which allow users to pay transaction fees with any of the supported tokens; on-chain auto scheduler (e.g. Keepers); native cross-chain capabilities; an on-chain governance apparatus; and full-upgradability (without contract migrations).
  • Various Ecosystem Projects. In addition to its DeFi primitives, and layer-1 smart contract platform, Acala’s core functions as a decentralized monetary reserve primed to support the new digital economy. The community can expect to see a growing ecosystem of projects launching on Acala: cross-bridge bridges, yield engines, multi-chain lending & borrowing protocols, and community reserve DAOs.

Introducing the Early Adopter Program

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Acala is the decentralized financial hub of Polkadot that makes it fast and easy to use or build financial applications, improving trading efficiency and saving valuable time. The platform offers a suite of DeFi primitives including a stablecoin, DEX, and staking deritatives.

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