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Acala’s Journey in Review & The Road Ahead in 2023

A Look Back on Acala’s Journey

Crypto Industry Challenges in 2022

Acala’s Road Ahead

  • Security & Monitoring
  • Product Development
  • Institutional Integrations
  • Governance

Acala’s Road Ahead: Some Detail on 2023

Security & Monitoring

  • Substrate multi-chain testing suite: Chopsticks (building open source for Polkadot ecosystem)
  • XCM policy pallet: rate limit movements of value to enhance security

Product Development

  • Acala Apps 2.0 — unified cross-chain DApp, updated UI/UX, updated liquid staking stats and reporting
  • tDOT Real Yield product enhancements in collaboration with Tapio
  • Democratized liquidation pools (opportunity for aUSD holders) in collaboration with Kujira
  • Interchain Proof Oracle Network for asynchronous and trustless state reading, to provide a foundation for many applications such as cross-chain proof of reserves, cross-chain smart contract execution/automation, and more.

Institutional Integrations

  • Institutional DOT Liquid Staking implementation and integration into Liquid Collective with Alluvial, Coinbase, Kraken, Figment, and more
  • Continue integration work with
  • Continue integration work with Venkman for enterprise loyalty programs


  • Governance v2 integration and revamp

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About Acala



Acala is the decentralized financial hub of Polkadot that makes it fast and easy to use or build financial applications, improving trading efficiency and saving valuable time. The platform offers a suite of DeFi primitives including a stablecoin, DEX, and staking deritatives.

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Dan Reecer

Chief Growth Officer @ Acala and Karura. Previously launched Polkadot and Kusama @ Web3 Foundation.