Notifi Launches on Acala, Bringing Push Notifications to Polkadot DeFi Users and Developers

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Acala is very excited to roll out a new type of integration for the community — push notifications for on-chain events, powered by Notifi. In the initial phase of the implementation of Notifi’s wallet-based notifications, Acala users will now benefit from streamlined communications of the “Notifi Hub” and get real-time updates on different wallet activities such as governance proposals, transactions, and balance changes. In addition, Acala developers can now also use Notifi’s SDK to add alerts to their projects. This is only the beginning of a long-term integration roadmap with Notifi — Phase 2 of our implementation will also add Notifi’s SDK into the Acala Apps UI to allow expanded notification services such as CDP vault health (liquidation alerts), asset price alerts, liquid staking reward alerts, and more.

Meet Notifi

Notifi has become known as “Twilio for Web3” as it simplifies communication across all web3 and web2 messaging channels. The Notifi platform is designed with simple APIs for easy integration and customizable and advanced features for any dApps and web3 focused applications. Notifi empowers developers to better engage with their users via multichannel communications. Notifi also has several user-facing products, including Notifi Hub, which includes alert customization, wallet-to-wallet messaging, DeFi Signals, and more. See the Notifi hub below:

What this means for the Acala ecosystem

Notifi has had its fair share of DeFi use cases, integrating protocols like Orca, SynFutures, Bastion Protocol, Hubble, and more. With notifications we can power Acala’s community to:

  • Power alerts on transactions and balances that occur for all users to keep track of activities outside their browser and into their everyday channels
  • Enable notifications through a native experience inside dApps like Tapio
  • Enable features on the Notifi Hub — Acala users can log into the “Hub” and set up alerts including Whale watch of other wallet activities!

With Phase 2 of our implementation, not only will Notifi be integrated within Acala’s Apps but we will launch alerts for asset prices, liquid staking, reward notifications and more.

Acala’s ecosystem is growing with new DeFi products and dApps being built consistently; user engagement is a must for the space to thrive and keep growing. We chose Notifi to support its growth and optimize user experience. We cannot wait for users to start benefiting from direct-to-wallet notifications, wallet tracking, and wallet-to-wallet messaging.

“Having a view into all your wallets and DeFi activity in real-time is more important than ever. We’re excited to bring these notifications to the Acala ecosystem with Notifi’s SDK for developers and wallet balance change alerts for DeFi users.” Alex Horn, Chief Product Officer at Notifi

The Notifi SDK

The Notifi SDK gives engineers the ability to use APIs to integrate their apps with alerts and customize Notifi’s out-of-the-box widgets to their liking. The Notifi APIs allow developers to easily deploy a robust communication infrastructure through a number of channels for all use cases, including wallets, DeFi protocols, NFT projects, and more.

Notifi’s SDK is suited for expert and beginner devs alike. They offer advanced custom features for bigger teams, as well as low code options for smaller developers. At the base level, users can set up alerts using both on-chain and off-chain events alongside additional flexibility for larger teams that require more complex features.

The Notifi SDK is equipped for Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Aptos, and now Acala, bringing Notifi to the Polkadot ecosystem!

Developers — Learn more about Notifi’s SDK in this Deep Dive:

Interested in adding alerts to your project?

Adding Notifi’s alerts can help simplify the onboarding experience for new users, web3 veterans, and developers building on Acala. Notifi offers developers a simple embeddable notification SDK to plug into their existing DeFi, NFT, gaming, or DAO applications. Users can opt-in to receive messages via traditional options such as text and email, and to web3 channels like Telegram, wallet-to-wallet DMs, and NFT-verified communication channels.

If you or a project you know is interested in adding Notifi alerts in the Acala or Polkadot ecosystem, their team would love to chat.

Learn More:

📋 Fill out Notifi’s Partner Request Form

💻 Check out Notifi SDK on github

🎮 Join the Notifi Discord

💬 Sign into Notifi Hub

About Notifi

Notifi is the Twilio for web3. Notifi simplifies communication across all web3 messaging channels. The Notifi platform is designed with simple APIs for easy integration and customizable and advanced features for dApps and web3 applications. Notifi empowers developers to better engage with their users via multichannel communications.

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