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Acast’s Pantsuit Politics recognized as this month’s Apple Podcasts Spotlight

The independent podcast is the second-ever show featured for Apple Podcasts Spotlight

, an independent podcast hosted by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, was recognized today by Apple Podcasts as its second selection, for its thoughtful approach to processing US news and politics.

Apple Podcasts Spotlight is a monthly editorial franchise that highlights creative voices in podcasting. Pantsuit Politics is represented by Caroline Edwards of ICM Partners. The podcast is hosted and distributed by Acast and is part of the Acast Marketplace.

“When we started the show, we set out to create the kind of discussion about politics that we couldn’t find elsewhere,” Sarah explains. “We wanted to engage at a deeper, more human level because politics is about much more than partisanship.”

“Now, listeners tune in throughout the week for a nuanced and grace-filled perspective on the news,” added Beth. “We hear a lot of ‘you’re like our political therapists, you’re our internet moms,’ which feels right to me, because there are a lot just being able to sit and hear the news with us and know that we care about their feelings, even if they are different from our own. That feels like the most important thing we can do right now.”

In 2015, Sarah Stewart Holland was blogging about parenthood and politics and dreaming of starting a podcast. Her former classmate Beth Silvers authored a guest post lamenting the polarized political environment and calling for nuance. Sarah realized Beth’s post was the perfect guiding vision for a podcast, and Beth was in.

Now, twice a week, Sarah and Beth use their law degrees and life experiences to help listeners process the news. Their conversations are grounded in research while also imbued with emotion, spiritual inquiry, and practical life experience. Listeners rely on Sarah and Beth to show up just as they are — not as journalists, pundits, or politicians, but as ordinary people hoping to engage in a meaningful conversation with their fellow US citizens, and with people around the globe, about how we can collectively contribute to a better world.

To do that, Sarah and Beth often provide listeners with overviews of important issues in “Five Things You Need to Know” episodes before sharing their opinions. “We’re always trying to start a conversation among listeners,” Beth says. “The point is not to debate or persuade listeners to adopt our views. We want to empower people to listen, reflect, and then talk with their friends about what they’re thinking.”

Sarah and Beth encourage new listeners to start with , , and their recent episode. Over the next few weeks, Pantsuit Politics will release new episodes covering the recent Senate trial and acquittal; an evaluation of the current child tax credit proposals; a conversation with Politico’s Olivia Beavers about the impact of January 6th on the new Congressional class; and a discussion with former US Marine and Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath on the role of the military in our politics. The show will also cover new developments in the news as they unfold.

“What drew Acast to Pantsuit Politics was its unique ability to break down political systems in ways that all people, no matter their background or political knowledge, can understand,” said Rebecca Steinberg, director of development at Acast. “Oftentimes, the discourse around politics is confusing and ridden with bias and tension. Sarah and Beth are rewriting the way we engage with news and politics — and, ultimately, the way we engage with each other.”

Listen to Pantsuit Politics now on and subscribe for free to get new episodes when they are available. New episodes are released Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow Pantsuit Politics on and , and subscribe to their weekly newsletter on their website () to stay updated on the show and engage with the community.

About Sarah and Beth

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers co-host the popular podcast Pantsuit Politics, and co-authored I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversation (2019). Pantsuit Politics has been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Parents and Elle magazines. Both Sarah and Beth attended Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and then received their Juris Doctors (Sarah from American University and Beth from the University of Kentucky). Sarah began her career as a congressional staffer, campaign aide, and blogger and social media consultant. She lives in Paducah, Kentucky, where she served a term as a city commissioner and sits on the board of numerous civic organizations. Beth has practiced law and served as an human resources executive and business coach. Beth lives in Union, Kentucky, and serves on several local boards of directors. Sarah and Beth speak frequently to universities, businesses, and civic organizations about improving political dialogue. Sarah shares life with her spouse, Nicholas, and children Griffin, Amos, and Felix; Beth with her spouse, Chad, and children Jane and Ellen. Sarah’s dog, Cookie, and Beth’s dog, Lucy, are beloved and frequent contributors to their work.



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