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Donovan Bailey to Launch Podcast ‘Running Things’ with Acast

Donovan Bailey, the world record-breaking sprinter and two-time Olympic Champion, is partnering with podcast company Acast to launch , a new original series hosted by Bailey and content creator Simon Jain.

brings a major new lifestyle talk show to the podcast space, featuring an internationally-renowned heavyweight from the world of sports On the show, Bailey and Jain have inquisitive, open-minded discussions about global topics relevant to the modern human experience, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, the psychological and sociological effects of social media, the politics of sport, critical moments in pop culture and news, and more — all with a dose of levity and optimism.

The podcast will debut July 22 and will publish weekly on Thursdays across all podcast platforms.

Each episode is intended to offer enriching dialogue that leaves listeners with a deeper comprehension of the subject matter, and a feeling of empowerment that translates into their daily lives. Throughout the series, Bailey and Jain will from time to time be joined by notable guests.

“It’s only by discussing difficult, oftentimes personal topics and exposing ourselves to diverse perspectives that we humble ourselves and grow,” said Bailey. “I wanted to start a podcast to cultivate that spirit of learning and help people wherever they find themselves on their journey.”

Added Jain: “Many of us often come to conversations with an agenda. On , we wanted to create a space where we all arrive at the table with a willingness to listen, learn, reflect — and have fun while doing it.”

The podcast launches 25 years after the 1996 Olympic Games, where Bailey became the fastest person in the word by breaking the record for the 100-meter sprint with a time of 9.84 seconds. It also comes ahead of the launch of Bailey’s upcoming book later this year.

In the first two episodes, Bailey and Jain will chat about the 2021 Summer Olympic Games and its significance at a time when COVID-19 has altered the world of sports and live events. Bailey is a regular commentator for the CBC, where he can also be found discussing the Olympic Games.

Acast — the creator-first podcast company that works with the world’s biggest shows — will distribute widely, making it available to audiences across all podcast apps and players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music. joins Acast’s robust portfolio of audio programming led by distinguished athletes around the globe, such as , , , , , and more.

“When we look for partners, we look for those with compelling stories that leave their imprint on us. Few stories compare to that of Donovan Bailey, an icon who pushed the bounds of human achievement and inspired generations,” said Heather Gordon, Acast’s managing director for Canada.

“Through the intimate environment of podcasting, we’re bringing the important and inspiring conversations of Donovan and Simon to people all over the world.”

Acast will also manage the monetization of , enabling the podcast to support ads, sponsorships, and sophisticated brand integrations using advanced advertising technology.

Added Gordon: “For advertisers, this podcast provides the unparalleled opportunity for brands to align with one of the country’s most trusted, influential figures.”

Find, follow, and subscribe to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, the Acast app, or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to the trailer now.


For more information, contact Ryan Hatoum, US PR Manager at Acast,



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