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How to build and nurture your podcast community

Tune into Acast’s Instagram Live on Tuesday, April 13

Acast is hosting an Instagram Live session all about podcast communities, growth and how to engage your fans. The event will stream from Acast’s Instagram account (@acastpodcasts) from 7.30pm ET / 4.30pm PT on Tuesday, April 13.

Liv, host of Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!, will be joined by Katy, host of Queens Podcast and Acast’s Community Manager, to share behind-the-scenes tips on how they’ve successfully grown loyal podcast followings — and how they keep their listeners engaged beyond the podcast, including by launching books and setting up Patreon memberships.

To watch along, you’ll need an Instagram account of your own, and to make sure you’re following @acastpodcasts ready to tune in on Tuesday.




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