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Jo Franco partners with Acast to launch original podcast series ‘Not Your Average Jo’

The content creator and Netflix star will talk life hacks and lifestyle design to help ambitious people excel

Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, is launching Not Your Average Jo, an original podcast series featuring writer, television host, and travel expert Jo Franco.

Premiering November 10, the series will feature deep-dive conversations with guests from around the world to offer tangible advice that helps young adults, students, and professionals level up in life and tackle common issues in the modern era — all with a global filter. The podcast will cover topics including navigating being multicultural, managing student debt, dating in the digital age, making money while traveling, forming a healthy relationship with social media, hacks to becoming fluent in foreign languages, and much more.

In each episode, Franco — who went from undocumented immigrant to global influencer and now hosts the hit Netflix TV series The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals — will draw from her guests’ experiences and her own personal journey to help listeners work toward their own goals or open their minds to new possibilities altogether. The Afro-Brazilian social media personality and business owner aims to equip the audience with actions and tactical tips they can implement in their daily lives.

“I’ve met so many interesting people all around the world, and it would be selfish to keep all of their wisdom to myself,” said Franco.

As part of Acast’s commitment to the open podcasting ecosystem, the series will be available for audiences to access using any podcast player, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and many more.

Following Acast’s wide release of Episode 1 on November 10, new episodes will be published every Wednesday.

“Jo’s adventurous nature and rich life experiences have made her a trusted source for those on a path toward their goals. With Not Your Average Jo, she brings the grit, curiosity, and passion that propelled her in her own journey and empowers listeners to face their own obstacles head-on,” said Nicole Ngo, Content Development Manager at Acast. “We look forward to sharing Jo’s voice with go-getters across the globe — for listeners on all podcast platforms.”

In addition to hosting and distributing the podcast, Acast will also monetize the series, allowing it to support ads, sponsorships, brand integrations, and premium ad products available exclusively through the Acast Marketplace.

Franco is represented by Two West Entertainment.

Fans will be able to access the show wherever they get their podcasts. The trailer is out now.



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