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Join Acast for Audio Fiction Week from October 25–30

In the week leading up to World Audio Drama Day, Acast will roll out programming and resources for fiction podcast creators and fans

, the world’s leading independent podcast company, is launching from October 25–30 to celebrate the vibrant world of fiction podcasts.

With roots in radio dramas, fiction podcasts have been around as long as podcasting itself. They make up a small but growing genre in the podcast space and are increasingly popular among audiences. Audio dramas offer varied possibilities for creators and provide a rich, immersive format for storytelling.

During Acast Audio Fiction Week, Acast will showcase the works of fiction podcasters, provide an array of resources for up-and-coming creators, launch new scripted programming from series that are part of the Acast Creator Network, and raise awareness for the numerous sub-genres that audio dramas span — all in a lead-up to World Audio Drama Day on October 30.

“Acast Audio Fiction Week is a love letter to the time, expense, and passion that fiction podcasters dedicate to creating truly cinematic experiences for listeners. Made in partnership with audio fiction creators, the week recognizes their groundbreaking work in pushing the boundaries of the podcasting medium and crafting stories that transport us to a different world — all via our earbuds,” said Becky Celestina, Partner Manager at Acast. “Join us in centering the talented storytellers who all too often are forgotten in mainstream discourse about podcasting.”

Creators and fans can stay up-to-date on all the week’s happenings at .

A sampling of the events and resources throughout the week include:

  • A video conversation covering derivative rights and copyright opportunities for fiction podcasts, hosted by Grace Ross, Content Development Manager at Acast, and Kim Yau, Literary Manager at Echo Lake Entertainment.
  • A report on data and insights about fiction podcasting, showcasing important information about the value of the format and the audiences who tune into it.
  • A fiction podcast playlist from Pacific S. Obadiah, Podcast Manager for Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network and creator of the network’s and series.
  • A guide on how fiction podcasters can work with advertisers and make money, featuring an interview with Creepy host Jon Grilz.

Audio fiction lovers will also be able to catch new crossover episodes of popular fiction podcasts, facilitated by the Acast team. Stay tuned for upcoming mash-up episodes from podcasts including , , , and , and programming from podcast networks like and production companies like .

Follow Acast on , , , and for more content, and shout out your favorite shows on social media using the hashtag #AcastAudioFictionWeek.



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