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The Adam Buxton Podcast re-signs with Acast

First ever British Podcast Awards “Podcast Champion” continues as part of the Acast Creator Network

Acast, the creator-first podcast company, has extended its long-standing relationship with Acast Creator Network show The Adam Buxton Podcast. Acast will continue to host, distribute and monetise the smash-hit podcast, which recently released its 150th episode and has had more than 65 million all-time listens.

Host Adam Buxton was one of the first UK podcasters to join the Acast Creator Network, and has been a beacon of creativity and consistency for the industry ever since. He’s famed for his inimitable sponsorship reads, and has collaborated on massively successful podcast campaigns with a huge range of companies — including Harry’s, The Economist, Starling Bank, AppleTV+, and the BBC.

Buxton holds one of the UK’s longest-running brand partnerships in podcasting, with Squarespace. The website company has run regular reads on The Adam Buxton Podcast for more than five years, showing how brands can benefit from a steady, long-term association with a podcaster.

And Buxton has also worked on branded content campaigns with Acast’s creative division, recording a branded episode for Art Fund where he explored the National Gallery with comedian Tim Key.

He was crowned the first ever Podcast Champion at the 2017 British Podcast Awards, and has numerous other gongs under his belt.

Adam Buxton said: “I’ve been with Acast for more than five years, and so far it’s been a great and productive relationship. They allow me to make the show I want to make, advertising jingles and all, without any creative interference, and they make the whole thing financially viable by securing sponsors I’m happy to work with on a regular basis. In fact everyone I deal with at Acast is delightful, helpful and charming and for those reasons I’m very happy that I’m able to continue working with this wonderful bunch of people.”

Sam Shetabi, Acast’s Content Director for the UK and Ireland, said: “The Adam Buxton Podcast is an absolute hero of the Acast portfolio, and one of the shows advertisers and listeners alike are always asking us about. Brands want to advertise with him, listeners want to hear more from him, and it’s a real pleasure being able to help make that happen.

“Adam works so hard on his sponsorship jingles, and they always hit that perfect sweet spot where the listener, even though they know it’s an ad, really can’t wait to hear the next one.”

Acast hosts more than 25,000 podcasts worldwide and offers growth support and monetisation for global smash hits including Sh*gged Married Annoyed, Katherine Ryan Telling Everybody Everything, and Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy, as well as podcasts from the most significant publishers including Today In Focus, Stories Of Our Times and FT News Briefing. Acast pioneered true dynamic ad insertion technology in podcasting, which allows for the delivery of timely, contextualised podcast ads specific to listeners across any device or platform.

The Adam Buxton Podcast is distributed via Acast and is available on every podcast listening platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify.

For advertisers looking to work with The Adam Buxton Podcast, opportunities are available exclusively through the Acast Marketplace.



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