Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2017…

After our launch in September of 2016, this past year we focused on cultivating a rich and diverse community of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Enthusiasts interested in sharing their growth and learning with you!

We were so happy to bring you applied AI and social impact workshops and events which lower the barriers to entry in engineering artificial intelligence while fostering inclusion:

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Symposiums

  • Hosted Quarterly in the Bay Area
  • Averaging 150–200 attendees per event, we have successfully “Demystified AI” for over 1,500 attendees!
  • Met our target demographics in the US, with attendees averaging 70% non-caucasian and 50% non-male identifying
  • Provided scholarships and 80% discounts from market rate entry price to over 500 underrepresented individuals
  • Hosted 2 symposiums abroad with our partners in Oslo, Nordic Impact, and Noroff Education
  • Partnered with Women Who Code, Techtonica, dev/Mission, PyLadies, Google Launchpad, Nordic Impact, Noroff Education, Katapult Accelerator, and SINTEF
  • Sponsors included Kapor Center for Social Impact, Devlabs, East Bay Community Foundation,, Google, Mozilla
  • Check out this awesome video compilation by our community partner TecnoLatinx
  • See past speaker presentations on Youtube

Startup Weekend AI | AR | VR

  • Sponsored and helped organize this Techstars community event
  • Partnered with Kapor Center for Social Impact
  • Maxed out the conference space with 150 attendees
  • See videos of the final pitches on Youtube.
  • Check out photos for all the fun we had!

AI & Genomics Hackathon

  • Partnered with SVAI and the NF2 Project
  • Sponsors included Google Launchpad, Google Cloud, Google Genomics, NVIDIA, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, NCBI, genlife, and
  • Maxed out the conference space at 160 attendees
  • Had 6 final teams compete for the top prizes, three Titan X Pascal boards valued at ~$1,500 a piece, compliments of NVIDIA
  • Check out the team’s research projects on GitHub
  • Watch the final presentations on Youtube

Hosted free weekly Deep Learning Book Study Sessions

Hosted free impromptu AI Research Discussion Sessions

Launched our preliminary Applied AI Technical Workshop

Hosted our preliminary AI Web series

Launched our preliminary Mindset Training for AI Engineers & AI Ethical and Social Impact Discussions

Presented for the Global AI Mind series for and GirlsinTech Taiwan

Successfully registered as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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