Accel led the Series A in Mux. Head over to their blog for more on the funding round and a great discussion of the state of Online Video.

I have known the Mux team for around six years, since they were working on Zencoder. Zencoder is one of those products that all of its customers love. While working on Zencoder, the team saw the need for a new video player to help with the transition away from Flash. They built an open source player, Video.js, and had another massive hit on their hands. Being able to build one product customers love in a category is difficult enough, but two is damn near impossible. The team kept working on Zencoder & Video.js through an acquisition by Brightcove (an Accel company).

But the Mux folks don’t just build great software products, they also have a knack for community product. Mux is responsible for Demuxed, an annual one-day conference in SF, that focuses on cutting edge technology and other work in video from the top video companies in the world (Netflix, YouTube, etc).

When the band got together to work on analytics for video performance at Mux, I tried not to think too hard and just do the obvious thing… get on board!

Suffice to say, the Mux team knows Video as well as anyone in the world, and they build products that resonate with customers. Even better, they are great people that I enjoy hanging out with.

I look forward to working with Mux as they help publishers build better video.

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