Some Context on Crowdstrike’s Series D

Early this year, as in years past, we held our Tech Council where we brought together a group of progressive Fortune 100 CIOs and technologists to discuss trends, insights and priorities across a broad range of technologies. The perspectives were diverse. These leaders work in industries like finance, healthcare, retail, technology, media, manufacturing and the government. Collectively, this group serves over 1 billion end customers, manages technology organizations with over 25,000 employees and control annual budgets in excess of $50 billion.

And as in years past, cybersecurity continues to be top-of-mind for this group. But there was a notable shift in attitude this year. Interest in experimenting with different products from different vendors is dwindling. Interest in consolidating around a few vendors and platforms rather than stitching together multiple point products is high. So the cybersecurity companies that customers value most will become more and more evident in the months ahead.

It’s clear that Crowdstrike, with it’s cloud-based endpoint protection platform, has emerged as one of these companies. Crowdstrike has more than tripled the growth of its total billings year-over-year.

George, Dimitri and team have accomplished quite a lot in just a few years. The team’s vision, product excellence and overall execution is what inspired us to lead the company’s Series D, which was announced today.

And Crowdstrike is really just getting started. We think the company is uniquely positioned to play a central role in modernizing the cybersecurity operations of companies everywhere in the years ahead. The shift to mobile and cloud-based computing will continue to elevate the strategic importance of endpoint security, and it’s here where Crowdstrike is redefining what’s possible.

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