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Getting Started: Game Live Services 101

Written by Train Chiou | Article was originally posted on AccelByte Blog on Aug 24, shared on Medium for more people to enjoy.

We often get the same questions from game developers: ‘What do I even need for my Live Services game?’ and ‘How do I even start planning this?’’ While we don’t have all the answers, we’ve compiled a history of our best thinking to get you started!

Check out a few guides that our partners refer to time and again.

1. A Crash Course in Live Service Games

Getting to know your players, why it matters, and the best way to monetize. Live service is all about long-term commitment to the player community, and it’s all about the continuous evolution of your game based on player feedback.

Some developers share their live game’s roadmap

2. Cross-Platform Game Development Demystified

If you want to ride the wave of cross-platform gaming, but are not up to speed with the nuts and bolts of building it into your game, you’re in luck! Our VP of Technology Raymond Arifianto covers the basics of cross-platform play.

Cross-platform game development demystified

3. Why Your Single Player Game Needs A Backend

To many, a single-player game also means “a game which is not online”. However the opposite is increasingly true these days. There are quite a few good reasons to give your single player game an online component, even if it exists under the hood and out of sight of your players.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

4. How to enable cross-progression between generations and platforms

A fundamental but often overlooked feature of video games is tracking player progression. This article is a crash course on how to implement platform-agnostic cloud save features.

Hades — progression screen

5. Democratizing in-app purchase with direct payment

Following the Apple vs Epic dispute, Raymond Arifianto gives a crash course on how to implement in-app purchase with direct payment in your game.

Enabling secure IAP with platform pay

6. Evolution of Game Ownership: BOPA (Buy Once Play Anywhere)

The platform you use to purchase or play a game is becoming less and less relevant; it’s the Player Experience that takes center stage now. So where do we go from here?

Cross-Platform Play is everywhere

7. Is Your Game Cross-Platform Ready?

In this tech talk from GDC 2020, Raymond Arifianto answers the question everyone is really asking: ‘Is your game really cross-platform ready?”

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