Startup Spotlight: How Draupnir Bio fights cholesterol-related diseases

The Aarhus-based life science & biotech startup Draupnir Bio has set out to develop novel types of medicine to revolutionize cholesterol-related treatments by using a new mechanism of actions. This was discovered by logic, laboratory evaluation, many years of biotech experience and hard work. Draupnir Bios platform explores the human glycome to develop novel therapeutics. The platform is based on array technology, protein chemistry and advanced carbohydrate chemistry.

The startup was recently presented with a grant of 2.5 million DKK by the Novo Nordisk Foundation to produce their promising medicine. Draupnir Bio has also been awarded as a finalist at the NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship) in the Biotech startup competition.

Meet the CEO & PhD in Molecular Biology Simon Glerup in this interview and find out how the life science startup came to be and what their experiences have been in the Accelerace program.

Describe your startup in a few sentences.
All organisms consist of four main classes of polymers; proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and glycans. Glycans are a complex mix of linked sugars or carbohydrates, they are the most abundant but the least understood. Draupnir Bio has developed a technology platform for decoding glycan interactions and we are using this knowledge to develop novel therapeutics. Our lead program is within the cardiovascular field.

How did you get the idea to start your business?
We realized the complexity of the glycome (all the different glycans in the body) compared to the genome and proteome. But we also realized that profound understanding of glycan function can be used for making medicine.

How does your solution work?
We decipher the interaction between glycans and therapeutically interesting protein targets. We then use this knowledge together with advanced carbohydrate chemistry to develop a therapeutic mimetic that modulates the protein activity and may serve as a drug.

Why did you apply for the accelerator?
We needed someone to ask all of our stupid questions. We found this and much more.

What impact has your participation in the accelerator had for your growth opportunities?
It has revolutionized our growth opportunities and showed us the way to a strong business case.

What is your key learning so far from your journey in the accelerator?
We have learned a lot about communication, focus and strategy.

Whos in your founder team?
Three scientists from Aarhus University: Simon Glerup, Camilla Gustafsen and Peder Madsen.

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Current number of employees: 3

Year Founded: 2017

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