The StopMyCraving team is driven to make the world a better place one bite at the time. (From left: Gulistan Boylu, Frontend Dev, Joe our Sales intern, Caroline Blackmore, COO/cofounder, Sofie Dralle Founder/CEO, Lucy Sabon Ux UI designer and Hannah, Marketing intern).

Startup Spotlight: StopMyCraving — healthy snacks right to your door

Accelerace participant StopMyCraving delivers healthy snacks all across Europe to fit any lifestyle. Meet the CEO and founder of StopMyCraving, Sofie Annikki Dralle, in this Spotlight blog about the driven and persistent foodtech startup.

When Sofie Annikki Dralle founded the food tech startup StopMyCraving in 2015, she was stuck at home with a bad back injury unable to move and with cravings for healthy snacks, which was surprisingly hard to come by.

That’s when she asked herself: “What if we made a platform where anyone can type in their dietary needs and lifestyle and be matched with healthy ethical alternatives?”, and came up with the idea of developing an online platform to deliver healthy snacks and drinks right to the door.

StopMyCraving today has 8 employees located in London and Suffolk in the United Kingdom. The startup has over 130 different healthy snacks available on their online platform to choose from by matching different dietary needs and allergies such as a gluten-free diet, FODMAP, vegetarian diet, paleo diet, Rawfood, Halal, organic diet and much more. The offering grows every month.

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CEO Sofie Annikki Dralle says: “StopMyCraving provides healthy snacks and drinks alternative to cravings from ethical producers. It is for times when you want to snack but don’t want to feel restricted, guilty or go on a diet. The products taste great, are a healthier alternative substitute to unhealthy products you normally crave checked by a certified dietician. It gives you the freedom to embrace cravings without feeling guilty, while supporting your goals, eliminate time spent searching or worry about what you or your kids can snack.”

Scaling up

StopMyCraving was founded in November 2015 and launched in February 2016 with a small MVP (minimum viable product). Upon completion, the newly formed startup went through three months R&D testing with 1400 users tested with Diabetes UK and Puregym in London.

Understanding from user research what had to change, StopMyCracing raised funding at Websummit in the fall 2016, following a successful acceleration and funding with H-farm & Cisco technologies. During this time Sofie had the pleasure to present for the European Commission about female entrepreneurship and be a finalist in Elior’s pitch competition.

During this period Sofie met her co-founder Caroline Blackmore who is now COO/Head of Products. StopMyCraving did a soft launch of their second version, gained initial revenue through the platform and B2B partners such as Radisson Hotel, John Smith, Moodings, Symphogen and many more.

Since then StopMyCraving has been mentioned top 20 startups in London by Deloitte The Pitch, are in Accelerace, working on some exciting project in the background while launching our second version in February 2018.

The need for speed

The London-based food tech startup joined Accelerace food tech programme in the start of 2018 and are currently fine-tuning their go-to-market strategy and fueling their growth trajectory.

Sofie says: “The Accelerace team has in the one month already proven to be a massive source of support, belief and education. It has increased our knowledge and keeps sharpening our focus while opening up doors to new corporate partners. We already have heavyweight director’s joining as mentors providing invaluable insight how to grow our business further.”

“So far we have been taught in about Investment key metrics, the economics of investing in startups, Beach Head Strategy relating to marketing to your target audience, how to incentivize employees in a small team through legal schemes in the camps. During our weekly meetings our mentor, Oliver Repenning, is guiding and supporting us with the social media marketing tools to ensure a successful strategy and implementation. He provides great insights to tips and tricks that can fine tune our go-to-market strategy, which is very valued by our team.”

Driven to make the world a better place one bite at the time

Looking at the market, StopMyCraving has found the sweet spot in between allowing you to subscribe snacks based on your needs or find a wide variety of personalized snacks. All snacks are from sustainable producers, checked by a certified nutritionist and taste tested by the startup team, meaning they make sure the snacks are actually good for you and taste great.

Go here if you have the munchies: https://stopmycraving,com

The skilled team just launched a new Valentine’s Day snack box that includes superfoods, gluten-free popcorn, strawberry truffles, salty pretzels, zero sugar chocolate bar and a paleo bar. Check it out.

Psssst! Use the Accelerace discount code: LoveAccelerace when ordering your snacks!

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