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Accelerate Art’s Founding Donor NFT

The driving purpose of Accelerate Art is to help emerging artists. We’re doing this in several ways, but our main enterprise is to host rotating exhibitions of 4–5 artists at a time using galleries in a virtual world: Cryptovoxels (CV). Our intention is to curate a variety of emerging artists, bring public attention to their work, and create a springboard for their careers in a metaverse-native way.

The process of vetting artists, working with them to mint a collection for exhibition, designing new builds for the gallery network, coordinating and running events, and maintaining social media requires commitment of a meaningful amount of time and resources. To make Accelerate Art sustainable, Claire and I have decided to split the project into two parts: a non-profit gallery and a tokenized vault of artwork.

First, Accelerate Art will run in non-profit fashion, such that any capital we receive will be limited to operating costs of the project. Uses for capital may include supplemental salaries for people involved, hiring builders in Cryptovoxels, potentially acquiring further virtual land to expand the gallery network, and other operation costs. Any expenses we incur will be reported in a public Google sheet on a monthly basis for our community to see.

Second, the tokenized vault. For every artist that exhibits with one of our galleries, we will collect one piece of work for a price of $100. These pieces will be added to a growing vault of artwork over time, which we intend to display permanently within Cryptovoxels. Once a reasonable amount of artwork has been collected, and once we gain regulatory clarity regarding securities laws as they pertain to the crypto industry, we intend to tokenize this vault. Doing this is our way of offering community ownership in what we hope will be a meaningful marker of art history. Our inspiration here is the B20 gallery by Metapurse.

In order to bootstrap Accelerate Art and raise some funds to support the work Claire and I are doing — especially over this crucial first 12-month period — we are offering early supporters the chance to purchase an Accelerate Art Founding Donor NFT. This piece was designed by Claire herself, and 100 copies of it will be for sale at 0.15 ETH each as of today, in line with the launch of our first exhibition. This total of 15 ETH will be seed funding for our work over the next year.

We would be honored if community members would consider buying a copy of this NFT to support Accelerate’s mission of empowering emerging artists. To be very clear, participating in this sale should be seen strictly as a donation toward paying for the operating expenses of Accelerate; however, there is one perk: owners of the NFT will be given the option to have their name or wallet address added to a permanent Founding Donor Plaque, which we will house in every gallery we build.

The donor NFTs can be purchased on Rarible here, and our launch event will take place on Clubhouse and in Cryptovoxels simultaneously. Whether you can support us by buying a copy of our NFT or not, we hope to see you at our opening today at 7pm Pacific time!




Accelerate Art is a digital gallery and artist accelerator program based in CryptoVoxels.

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