9 Voting Apps That Make Voting in the 2018 Midterms Easier

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Oct 30, 2018 · 5 min read
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In case you deleted your Twitter in a fit of rage or have been under a rock, we have a PSA: the 2018 midterm elections are a really, really big deal. As is par for the course, tech nonprofits have been rising up to provide the public with critical tools to make democracy more accessible. Be it voting apps to find out where to go on election day or a digital voter guide, we break down the top tech nonprofit voting apps that will make it easier to cast your vote in the 2018 midterms.

Voting apps
Voting apps
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Know these Before the 11/6 Midterms

TurboVote One goal: helping you vote.

If you’re not sold on TurboVote yet, this tech nonprofit also builds tools for election officials. This ensures that cutting-edge technology and practices are being applied towards a more effective democratic process. Make Voting Easy >

Voting apps
Voting apps
TurboVote screenshots | Photo credit: TurboVote

We Vote Your personalized digital voter guide.

We Vote then aggregates your network’s recommendations to form an “Issue Score” for each measure and candidate on your ballot. The result? A simple way to vote with your values. We love using We Vote via the web app because it’s lightning fast, but We Vote also has iOS and Android apps. Bring It To The Polls >

Vote.org Eliminating baseline barriers to voting.

Vote.org also focuses on getting unlikely voters to the polls. This means reaching potential voters via one-to-one SMS, digital ads, ads on streaming services, and even billboards. According to their site, “Whenever possible, we run controlled experiments, so that we can determine whether our interventions worked.” Turning Non-Voters Into Voters >

IssueVoter Tell your reps how you feel in 1 click.

Need us to sweeten the deal? IssueVoter empowers you to let your rep know how you want them to vote on bills with one click (no snail mail necessary). Voting doesn’t always have to be based on party lines. Whether you care about civil rights, gun laws, or national security, this platform makes sure you’re engaged 2.0. Digital Democracy >

Voting apps
Voting apps
IssueVoter Screenshot | Photo credit: IssueVoter

Vote.Foundation A legislation cheat sheet.

Stay Civically Engaged Post Election With These Apps

Document Hate project Record hate post-election.

Voting apps
Voting apps
Document Hate Project Screenshot | Photo credit: Ushahidi

What The District?! Data viz for democracy.

Voting apps
Voting apps
What The District?! Screenshot | Photo credit: ACLU

Our Society A platform for every candidate.

USA Facts Non-partisan government facts.

Voting apps
Voting apps
USA Facts Screenshot | Photo credit: USA Facts

Voting doesn’t have to be confusing. Thanks to these voting apps, walking into the polls with confidence, as well as staying engaged after the election, has never been easier!

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