An Open Letter To My Kids 👨‍👦‍👦 Who CANNOT Read Yet And Will NOT Go To School

Dear Mia & Marko,

Last Wednesday was the last day you watched the cartoon TV series and kids tales. You were grumpy and angry the following days when I didn’t give you my iPhone to watch “your” YouTube.

On Sunday we went for a birthday party, and you couldn’t eat the sweet chocolate cake, although all the other kids did.

And when you get older, I do not want you to go to school.

You may not understand it yet, so let me explain it all in a simple language.

I don’t want you to waste time in front of the TV. It only makes people fat, stupid and aggressive. It gets in your way of exploring the world, playing, and interacting with people around.

I don’t want you to waste time playing computer games. I used to play games a lot — it didn’t help me with anything. And the time is lost forever, sadly. Time is your most precious resource, and I will make sure you will not waste it playing games or watching TV.

I don’t want you to consume sweets, candies, and cakes full of sugar, neither sweetened drinks. Despite quick gratification, sugar is bad for your small body. Very bad.

Marko, Mia — I want you to read books. A lot of books! If I could restart my life again at the age of 13, I would read two books per week. I will make sure you fall in love ♥︎ with reading and will read 1–2 books per week.

I want you to be in touch with people who are better than you. You’ll be as good as your five closest friends, so let me help you find good mates.

I want you two, Mia & Marko, to be the superstars in personal growth. Maybe I already told you, I interview quite a lot of people who apply for a job at HotelQuickly. When hiring full-time people, the most valuable trait I look for is the speed of their personal growth. I want you to grow quickly.

I don’t want to see you becoming developers or doctors as we know them today. These people will soon be replaced by an artificial intelligence. I want you to nurture the skills like creative & critical thinking, computer science, coding, entrepreneurship, and sales.

If it means you wouldn’t go to school, I’m fine with that. You can learn much more & faster at home. With private teachers and online courses you can have a customized & individualized curriculum.

I will keep raising the bar for you two to become confident and competent entrepreneurs.

Your Daddy

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