5 Men’s Industrial Design Accessories Brands You Must Check Out

A classic, clean, and sleek look is considered a goal for all men. It makes sense that industrial design fashion has been growing in popularity in the men’s accessories space.

The materials commonly used in industrial design fashion includes brushed and chrome metal, and usually in gold or silver colours. The role of an industrial designer is to create and execute design solutions for problems of form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, and sales. What makes industrial design so appealing is that it portrays a man’s role to acquire wealth and maintain adaptability.

The industrial style expresses efficiency, reliability, and status. It makes a man look polished, with his life thought out and commands respect. The heavy metal used also speaks to the hardiness of the man. The blend of form simplicity and futuristic sophistication of the accessories make the wearer seem competent and intelligent. The timeless and clean look of accessories makes them socially acceptable in almost all situations, and are durable enough to be worn anywhere.

Here are a list of brands that specialize in industrial design:



Koza Jewellery are all handcrafted and created at a studio in Los Angeles, California. Their accessories are all mainly comprised of metal. Their collection is inspired by shapes such as metal spikes, nuts/bolts, hooks and screws.

Recommended items are their Silver Spike Necklace and Brass Screw Cuff.

22 Design Studio


22 Design is a studio based out of Taipei, Taiwan. Their accessories collection features the concrete facade that is common in the large metropolitan South Asian city. All their items have a grey tone to it, and all look extremely solid and durable. The form also reminds us of the Zen philosophy in Asian cultures. The shapes with a homogenous and neutral color blend have a calming effect.

Recommended items are their Rock Ring and 4th Dimension Wrist Watch.

Vitaly Design


You’ve probably seen their signature double rings somewhere before. Vitaly Design is the perfect blend of artisan and industrial design. Their creative take on jewelry have made them one of the most popular men’s jewellery brands right now. Vitaly’s jewelry has an attitude of cleanliness with a hint of mystique.

Recommended items are their Kunai x Antiqued Steel necklace and Vaurus x Stainless Steel ring.



Miansai is an upstart studio specialized in handcrafted premium jewelry. Their effortless simplicity and clean look really caught our eyes. Miansai features a wide array of items — wallets, cuffs, rings and bracelets. It is quite impressive the return to handcrafted jewelry lately, and also ironic the method is used to create the industrial design look that we crave.

Recommended items are their U-Cuff Ring and Hooked Necklace.

Johnathan Cardillo


Our last feature is a one-man shop. Johnathan Cardillo is doing some excellent work with their handcrafted metal spike theme of men’s jewelry. All of their items are spikes-inspired, with a collection of rings and necklaces that channel ambition and confidence.

Recommended items are their Notched Spike Necklace and Spike Ring.



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