7 Men’s Style Instagram Accounts You Must Start Following

Here at BRENMI, we are continually inspired by the Instagram community. It is amazing the quality of work people put in to showcase their style and personality. In fact, my exploration of men’s fashion on Instagram really how I got into the scene myself. Before Instagram, we would have to track many different sites for fashion tips. But the power of the photo sharing app does wonders, and now I have access to the best fashion influencers out there. If you are just getting to the male fashion scene, here are a few I recommend:

Men’s Fashion Post (@mensfashionpost)

Created by Eff Ulloa, this was the first account I started following. Eff features a lot of jewelry brands mixed with outfit posts. The men’s accessories posts from his account caught my eye and I dug deeper into the jewelry/watches scene because of him. Eff also has a site, mensfashionpost.com, with additional content such as model showcases, interviews, and so much more!

Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

Phil is a creative director and designer. His trademark posts are images of his daily outfit, folded and neatly laid out flat (see below). The account features a lot of denim and clean, sharp outfits. Definitely recommend if you want outfit matching tips and denim inspiration!

Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster)

Style icon Nick Wooster was most recently ex-VP of Product Development at JC Penney and worked as fashion director for brands such as Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren. It looks like from his Instagram he has moved into a “free agent” of high fashion. His content is a good foray into the high fashion and “hypebeast” scene, introducing you to labels a layman probably haven’t heard of but can make any designer’s eyes sparkle with a simple mention.

Gentleman’s Quarterly (@gq)

GQ is the quintessential men’s lifestyle magazine. Best site for all-round content — male role models, fashion and style, and the occasional hot babe.

whatmyboyfriendwore (@whatmyboyfriendwore)

Describing itself as “A dandy’s diary of daily dapperness”, it features models and outfits with the signature bracelet-and-watch wrist fashion combination, as well as other variations and outfits.

Men’s Style Pro (@mensstylepro)

Sometimes, the description is more valuable than the picture on Instagram. What I love about this account isn’t necessarily the content, but the tidbits of valuable style tips that Sabir Peele, the account manager, inserts into his daily posts. For any beginner dapper man, having daily tips and inspiration is key to becoming the man you want to be.

BRENMI (@brenmi)

At BRENMI, we really believe we are the go-to for men’s jewelry and accessories content. With jewelry designer interviews, daily accessories Instagram posts, and blog pieces on the emerging men’s jewelry scene, we are the premier men’s accessories platform. Stay tuned as we have more to come! We can’t wait to share it with you all.
K. from The BRENMI Team

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