Bermuda SF: Rediscovering the Backpack

It’s a clear, sunny day when you wake up. The city is loud, fast-paced, and among all things, completely flooded with people going to and from their destinations. You’re on your way to either school or work, or perhaps you’re spending the entire day trekking around the city. Regardless, this means that you’re going to need to carry supplies with you, the essentials; we’re talking food, water, half a bottle of wine, a first-aid kit, etc. This leads you to your first significant struggle of the day: how are you going to take these with you?

A backpack is the obvious choice; it’s convenient, allows your hands to be free, and even helps you with your back posture if you stand up straight. The only issue here is that nearly everyone wears backpacks nowadays, and they’re usually the same brands you see every high schooler wearing. Do you want to look like everyone else as part of a giant, symbiotic crowd?

Of course not, silly. You’re an independent, unique individual who is completely anti-conformist. Instead, you’ll opt for the Rick Owens DRKSHDW tote bag, right?

WRONG AGAIN. I’m honestly certain that there are more DRKSHDW tote bags on the market as opposed to actual apparel, however that’s a discussion for another day. Rather, I’d like to bring to your attention a Brooklyn-based, handmade bag company, Bermuda SF.

The brand’s name and logo seemingly appear to draw inspiration from the infamous Bermuda Triangle, the physical embodiment of “hell no,” even though this brand is everything but. Using premium materials to ensure durability and functionality, Bermuda SF bags are created with the intention to not only make your daily lives easier, but also to remind everyone that your backpack is better than everyone else’s. I mean, what else is there for a bag to actually do?

Quite a lot actually.

See, I actually have Bermuda SF’s “Rucksack,” and in a nutshell, I highly recommend refraining yourself from buying whatever article of clothing has become Instagram famous and purchasing this bag instead.

Constructed from a substantial canvas which is both as tough as deciphering Kristen Stewart’s emotional acting range and waterproof enough to repel a significant downpour of rain (or tears), Bermuda SF’s rucksack is perfect for running away from an angry, clawing ex-girlfriend on a rainy day. Its interior is lined with 10 oz. vinyl, substantial enough to withstand any potential scratches and tears, should you choose to carry something such as a a full knife set. Granted, if you’re carrying around with you a full knife set, I would presume you have much bigger issues than scratching the inside of your bag. As far as capacity goes, Bermuda SF’s rucksack is surprisingly deeper than… the hole I would have dug myself into if I’d taken the opportunity to make the obvious joke. If you don’t get it, you’re far too pure for the internet. If you do, get your minds out of the gutter. Gosh.

Its storage capacity is significant however, and as an example, I was able to fit three light jackets and a mid-weight sweater inside without a problem. In fact, I even managed to squeeze in a half-eaten cinnamon roll by simply unbuttoning the buttons found on the sides of the rucksack which increased its storage capacity by quite a bit. That’s not even mentioning the laptop compartment. Taking it a step further, I even had two water bottles tucked into each side. Bermuda SF take hydration quite seriously (remember guys, you should be drinking at least two litres of water a day). The rucksack comes equipped with a 3-D front pocket, with an additional hidden pocket placed between the front and main compartment, as well as yet another, you guessed it, pocket on the inside of the front flap. I guarantee you that you’ll be more than prepared should a zombie apocalypse ever happen with this bag. Equipped with two front straps and a sternum strap, this bag essentially becomes a part of your body. You basically become the next step in the evolution of humans.

I may not be much of a backpack guy, but Bermuda SF’s rucksack may have convinced me otherwise. Its reinforced/padded back support make carrying this backpack comfortable, especially given that my first day using this was on a rainy day while I was preparing for a photoshoot. I haven’t yet developed a proper rating system, but the Bermuda SF Rucksack would get the highest possible grade thus far. If this is any indication, the rest of Bermuda SF’s offerings are more than promising and I highly recommend purchasing these handmade goods for your day to day lives. Besides, don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade?

Check out Bermuda SF’s website

Photography credit: N.M.Z. Photography (@zalbamariephotography)