Project Release Checklist (Symfony based)

Michał Kurzeja
Jul 25, 2017 · 2 min read

At Accesto we recently came up with a project release checklist that helps us to make sure that we did not miss anything. It helped us a lot during the last releases and ensured peace of mind.

Forgetting about any of those tasks might cause bad things happen — bad user experience, performance issues or even security breaches — having such a checklist makes it easier to ensure we took care of everything.

  • Development front-controllers (app_dev.php etc.) removed during the deployment process and denied by the web server
  • Application is working correctly through https
  • E-mail addresses and credentials changed to production values
  • Cron scripts installed (if applicable)
  • Correctly configured shared files directories (we use Capistrano)
  • Confidential data like JWT Tokens, Security Tokens, API keys changed and not stored in repository
  • All assets minimized and compressed
  • RWD tests on Browserstack passed
  • OWASP top 10 tests passed
  • php.ini settings updated: time zone, max upload size etc.
  • Unnecessary Symfony bundles disabled
  • Custom 404 and 500 error pages
  • Custom favicon
  • Initial database migration added
  • Sentry/error tracking configured

This is not a full list, but it makes sure we have the most critical things covered. You can also check some more detail-oriented lists like Web Developer Checklist and Symfony2 deployment checklist

We will keep updating this list as we keep adding new points all the time.

Feel free to comment if you would add anything to it — I have created a git repository to make contributions easier:

Originally published at on July 25, 2017.


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Michał Kurzeja

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CTO and co-founder of Accesto with 8 years experience in leading technical projects. Co-founder of Wroclaw Symfony Group.



Web App Development, Technical Debt, Costs, Software Craftsmanship

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