A Black Man Did It

Experiments in the art of exculpation.

In Lansing, Michigan on Monday, an unnamed 16-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound to the face.

On Wednesday in New York City, Arthur Palombo got shot in the left side of his stomach. That same day, in Gary, Indiana, Christian Barnett was shot in his left thigh.

At the hospital in Lansing, the 16-year-old boy told police officers that he was shot by someone while he walked on Walnut Street.

Arthur Palombo told police officers that he was shot by a black man with a bald head while haggling over the price of a revolver he wished to sell.

Christian Barnett told police officers that he and his friend, Tevin Donelson, were walking on Washington Street in Gary when they heard gunshots and ran. Barnett collapsed as they ran, and Donelson helped him inside.

Later, when questioned again by police officers, Arthur Palombo admitted that he accidentally fired his gun from inside his jacket pocket, shooting himself in the stomach.

Christian Barnett admitted that he shot himself by accident while sitting in a car.

The 16-year-old boy later told police officers that he was inside a house at the time of the shooting, and had accidentally shot himself.

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Sourced from the Detroit Free Press, The Northwest Indiana Times, and the New York Daily News. Icon by James Keuning for the Noun Project.

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