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Apologies for the Blunt Force Injuries

The driver was a bit jostled in the car when the accident happened.

In Allentown, Ruby Marrero needed something from the corner store. She left her house. Near Liberty Street, she walked halfway across North 6th.

Then, Joshua Stockman hit Ruby Marrero with his car.

The impact dented the car hood and shattered the windshield. Ruby fell on the ground. Joshua backed up and drove his car around Ruby.

Half a block later, he stopped his car with the dented hood and shattered windshield. Joshua Stockman ran away. Police officers found Ruby bleeding on the ground in the middle of the North 6th Street.

Later, with his attorney, Joshua Stockman turned himself in to police officers.

“I think he was a bit jostled in the car when the accident happened,” Joshua’s attorney explained. “He got a little scared, panicked and left the scene.”

A few days later, when her organs began to fail, Ruby’s family removed her from life support. According to the coroner, she died of multiple blunt force injuries.

“I know he feels terrible about the situation,” said Joshua’s attorney. “It was an accident, and at the appropriate time, he will be issuing an apology to the family.”

Previously, Joshua Stockman had been convicted of drunk driving twice, and once before for crashing his car and running away.

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