Give or Take a Foot

The State Trooper said that he loved his wife to death.

In 2014, JoAnna Miller sat on the floor of her home in East Norriton sorting clothing to be donated to charity. Her husband, State Trooper Joseph Miller, cleaned his gun nearby.

“I was about to clean my gun, and I didn’t realize there was a round,” Miller told the 911 operator. “I shot my wife.”

He was 8 or 10 feet away, he told police officers at the scene, when the gun accidentally discharged.

He was actually like 2 feet away, he later told police officers, when the gun accidentally discharged.

Recent ballistics and forensic tests concluded that the gun that killed JoAnna Miller was fired from 3 to 6 inches away. The Montgomery County coroner stated that JoAnna Miller was killed by a “perforating close range gunshot wound of the head.” State Trooper Joseph Miller was arrested on Friday.

Three years ago in East Norriton, Joseph Miller was interviewed by a police detective. “Did you intentionally shoot your wife?” the detective asked.

“I did not,” Joseph Miller said. “It was an accident. I love her to death.”

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Sourced from Toronto Sun. Icon by Cristiano Zoucas for the Noun Project.