His Pants Slipped

In Paris, after the rape, Theo met the president from his hospital bed.

No one knows Theo’s last name.

Not the Parisians who march every day in the streets of Bobigny. Not the ones who throw fireworks at police cars in Bobigny every night. Their white tee-shirts say “Justice pour Theo” and they light another trash can on fire.

On February 2nd, Theo appeared at the hospital in handcuffs, blood leaking out of his anus. The doctors diagnosed a severe anal tear. Theo blamed a police officer with a telescopic truncheon. He was spat on, Theo said, between the beatings.

There was no evidence that “the truncheon was actually introduced” into Theo’s rectum, Yves Lefebvre, a police union chief, told the Associated Press. If that actually happened, Lefebvre said, it was likely done “accidentally.” Police officers noted that Theo’s pants “slipped down on their own.”

The riots continue in Bobigny. After emergency surgery, Theo called for calm while President Francois Hollande stood by his hospital bed, near the colostomy bag.

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Sourced from Aljazeera. Icon by Alina Oleynik for The Noun Project.

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