Rule of Three

“My heart hurts for the driver,” said the mother of the victim.

Greenville County Coroner Bobby Parks Evans would not let April Fagan see her son.

They said he was unrecognizable, April told channel WYFF 4 News in Greenville.

A unnamed female driver hit Christian Batton so hard he was thrown into the another lane of traffic. His two year old daughter Aubrey “keeps on asking about him,” April Fagan said.

April said that she did not blame the driver.

“We know it was an accident,” she told Myra Ruiz reporting for WYFF. “We don’t want her think it was her fault.”

Christian Batton was the third pedestrian killed by a driver in Greenville County that week.

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Sourced from WYFF NBC Channel 4. Icon by Gan Khoon Lay for The Noun Project