Connecticut Coworkers Find Out That They Are Secret Sisters

Reality is stranger than fiction.

Synthia S.
Apr 16 · 5 min read
Photo of the sisters Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison obtained from a public Facebook post

This happened a while ago, but I wanted to share this story with the masses. I did some coverage on this for a news aggregator and wanted to bring some life into it.

Sometimes, when we meet people, there is a special friendship that sparks organically. In New Haven, Connecticut, this is exactly what happened for two coworkers who became friends, who then later realized that they were literal sisters.

Let me repeat: two coworkers eventually found out that they were literal sisters.

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison were both born in the Dominican Republic and were adopted years later. Curiously, both women worked at New Haven’s Russian Lady bar and mused about the striking similarities between one another.

For example, Cassandra has an arm tattoo that contains the Dominican Republic flag. Julia mused about being from the Dominican Republic, causing Cassandra to be surprised.

Photo by Ruddy Corporan on Unsplash — A picture of the Dominican flag.

Both were adopted.

Both also had similar personalities and similar kinds of clothes. The two women remarked over their similarities and others often joked and teased them for being “practically sisters”.

It’s funny how life works like that.

Julia and Cassandra were first suspicious of being related when they realized that both parties were adopted as children. However, according to their respective paperwork, they didn’t seem related.

The news made them both sad initially, but the two remained close friends for some time. Eventually, Cassandra moved to Virginia Beach, but Julia and Cassandra managed to remain friends in spite of it.

Over in the south, Cassandra decided to find out more about her origin story. Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Julia was not as interested. Julia was worried about finding some kind of traumatic or distressing information.

However, Julia wanted to focus more on her future and her adopted family.

During Christmas of 2018, Cassandra’s adoptive mom decided to give her a genetic testing kit. From this testing kit, Cassandra was able to locate and identify several distant family members.

Cassandra even found a cousin who was actually living back in Connecticut — the same state where Cassandra and Julia once worked together.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash — Real life is just really intense.

The cousin was able to help Cassandra find her birth family in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately for Cassandra, her biological mother had died back in 2015.

Cassandra was able to learn, much to her excitement, that she had a father named Adriano, and several siblings. They seemed equally excited to meet her as well.

In 2019, Cassandra flew down to the Dominican Republic for the anticipated family reunion. Cassandra bonded with the family immediately, as if she had known them all of her life.

Now — this is where things get even crazier and become even more worthy of a fantastical movie.

In December of 2020, Julia’s childhood friend Molly, who also became friends with Cassandra, made a shocking discovery — she found out she (Molly) was adopted from the same region of the Dominican Republic on the exact same day as Cassandra.

Photo by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash — The plot thickens.

When Molly saw a specific surname of “Collado” on Cassandra’s online post about her 2019 family reunion, it rang a huge bell in Molly’s head. Molly obtained her adoption papers and “learned” initially that she and Cassandra had the same birth mother — but this turned out to NOT be true.

As the DNA tests inferred, Molly’s adoption paper records had been accidentally switched with Julia’s. This means that Julia was in fact, the biological sister of Cassandra the whole time, while Molly was secretly their cousin.

Thus, if we work out the biological math, this means that Molly has a twin sibling, but this twin sibling has yet to be identified.

When Cassandra spoke to her biological father, he was able to eventually open up and confirm that the family had in fact put up a second daughter for adoption during a time of dire financial hardship, due to some health scares in the family.

As to why the father never talked about this — Adriano admitted that it was a hard chapter to talk about and struggled to vocalize his feelings and thoughts surrounding that time. There also seemed to be difficulty in processing the grief of losing his wife as well.

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash — It’s never easy talking about our past.

For now, the sisters plan to have a proper reunion, once certain world events are no longer in the picture. For now, they are getting to know their biological family and one another through video chat.

In the earlier mentioned public post (pictured at the very top), Cassandra wrote the following:

Julia and I met in 2013 working at Russian Lady in New Haven, CT. Julia notices the Dominican flag on my arm and makes a comment about how she’s Dominican too BUT she’s adopted from there. I stop her in her tracks and tell her I’m adopted from there too. We become friends, start wearing matching clothes, having a blast together and telling everyone “we’re sisters”.

Fast forward to 2021 and I ask my dad if he gave up another baby he says yes! I’m buggin out, omg there’s one more sibling!!! I jump in my car last minute and drove to CT to get her to do 23andme and the results came back yesterday. WE ARE SISTERS ! Same mom, same dad ! Just two girls who happen to work together find out they’re sisters.

It just goes to show that even when you are separated from family, our close bonds bring us back together.

Accompanied by Enervation

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Synthia S.

Written by

2X Top Writer | Canadian Writer & Researcher | Aspiring Therapist | Writing about mental health, psychology, etc.

Accompanied by Enervation

A myriad of strange and creative works — a soundboard for Synthia.

Synthia S.

Written by

2X Top Writer | Canadian Writer & Researcher | Aspiring Therapist | Writing about mental health, psychology, etc.

Accompanied by Enervation

A myriad of strange and creative works — a soundboard for Synthia.

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