If delicacy is weakness I can be the weakest Soul

Do You ever notice How the world is making us harsher, emotionless, machine like even, were they right those who have predicted the future? having said the world will be ruled by machines, lived by machines, driven by machines, we indeed have not become titanium silver robots but we have for what is worth become flesh covered, fake smiling creatures with machine souls and hearts, or should I say worthless gears and blood pumping organs deprived of all feelings?

Softness is not weakness.
It takes courage to stay delicate
in a world this cruel.

— Beau Taplin

The above would be my very cynical perception on the Cruel World we have come to live in. below I write my honest convictions:

Having stated the unfortunate matter of how the world is a strip club, slowly stripping us of all those beautiful designs of tenderness and delicacy that has covered our souls growing up. The world has turned all that is beautifully soft and simple, all that is sensitive and emotional to weakness and a road to defeat. But I for one refuse to strip that beauty without a fight but it seems like the cruelty of this world we’re living in is making it harder every day.

I write this because I’ve heard enough of how it’s all about confidence, it’s all about this well-built wall we put up to keep a good facade, we’re cool, we’re fine, we’re strong when we’re deep inside struggling. How we need to be loud and defiant to be heard, how we need to be cold and stone towers like to take up space in this place. How we have to wipe our bloody noses after all of them pointless fights, how we have to hold back our tears after all of them worthless defeats and be indomitable all the time. I’ve heard enough.

I’ve heard enough about being eaten alive by wolves out there, where all nice and polite attitude is often confused with naivety and weakness, the former qualities have become so rare that they’re seldom misunderstood.

I’ve heard enough of how I shouldn’t care what that stranger feels, that I’m not here to change the world, that I can’t go far having to look back at every defeated body in this sustained battle. I’ve heard enough of them telling me not to cry and all I have wondered how come they’re NOT crying. Another common confusion when empathy and tears have become SOS signs of a sinking soul when their souls were not supposed to float above this dirty water.

I’ve heard enough of how innocence is overrated, how it’s pointless and shameful, how experiences make a hell of a story and how standards and morals are so last decade, how religion just a Myth. I have heard enough.

As stated above I refuse to strip without a battle, I will have my days when you can hear me roar. You can see me shouting and standing firm and making a scene and lifting my ego on top of my shoulders. And other days I set my jaw tight and I come home and cry and I shrivel with insecurities.

And If delicacy is weakness I can be the weakest soul, if naivety is a road to defeat I will be the last in this race, I will even run the other way. If innocence is shameful I will be that shameless innocent girl next door.

At the end of the day I believe it’s self-hurt to reject delicacy. To push it away and reject it as wrong. It feels authentic to let those feelings happen, to feel hurt, to feel vulnerable to feel unsure.To be human and not a machine.