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EMERGENCY’s report is a monumental historical document, representing the view from Afghanistan.

A selection of pages from the report’s introduction and first section.

A world–famous museum overhauls its annual reporting and portrays the progress and setbacks of a historic year.

All illustrations by Irene Trotta.

A veteran Accurat designer shares lessons learned from years of experience.

An installation image from the 1968 Triennale is housed in the museum’s archives.

Three projects show how data powers online preservation initiatives.

We illustrate one reason why there are so many Virgos, Libras, and Scorpios out there.

From left to right: Ivan Rossi, Ilaria Venturini, Stefano Gallo. Photos: Giovanni Marchi, Pietro Guinea–Montalvo.

Chatting with three interns turned full–time, full–stack developers.

In a data–driven artwork, a legend takes on special significance.

LEGO Architecture, visualized.

A few personal thoughts about the Visualized conference

In Sight

Sharing Accurat’s knowledge and experience with the world

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