Accurx HQ: The heart of our connections

Katie Halfhead
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3 min readMay 6, 2022


We’re really excited to have moved into our new HQ in Shoreditch.

Our office space. Photo captured by Andrew Meredith

Those who have been with Accurx since the beginning have been on quite a journey. We started out in 2016 as a team of seven working out of an old hospital building on Euston Road to 130 of us squeezing into our most recent office in Haggerston, which felt roomy when we first moved in!

And now, having reached over 160 employees (or accuFolk as we like to call ourselves), we’ve moved to our new home in Shoreditch.

This is a huge milestone for us — to look around at this space and call it home is extremely exciting. Accurx was founded six years ago by Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery, who initially set out on a mission to combat antimicrobial resistance. After spending three months shadowing staff in a GP practice, Jacob and Laurence realised that so many of the challenges facing the healthcare system come back to one thing: communication. That’s where we’ve really seen care break down.

Today, our software is used by 98% of GP practices in England and a growing number of community and hospital trusts, to join up care across services. We’ve supported the booking of over 29 million Covid-19 vaccinations, and GPs have used Accurx to communicate with almost 49 million patients.

And now we’re a team of 160 folks, from product to user research, software engineering to user support, all working together towards our vision of connecting everyone involved in a patient’s care. Having a dedicated space where we can come together, share ideas and problem-solve together, in person, is really important to us and our culture.

Our meeting rooms are named after influential people in healthcare.

Our CEO and co-founder, Jacob, is thrilled to see us all together in our new home. He told me: ‘Some of the best ideas we’ve had have been through exchanging thoughts at the coffee machine, user insights overheard from across the office and nascent sketches built together on a whiteboard. After almost two years of lockdowns, we really believe in the value of working in the same place as each other and forming connections in person.’

‘We’re really excited about the space we have here. We’ve prioritised collaboration and break-out space, as well as having a big kitchen and area for lunch as food is something that’s very important to us!’

Joe, our Head of Space and Events at Accurx added: ‘We believe that Accurx shouldn’t just be a place to get the work done. It’s a place where we hope our folk feel a sense of belonging and that’s why a lot of effort has been put into designing our office space to foster that connection.’

We’re really excited to call this space home. We have a few spare seats — so if you’re interested in joining us, check out our open roles on the careers page.