Entering the era of customer obsession— key takeaways from Adobe Summit Las Vegas

Diana Daia
Apr 5 · 4 min read
Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe

Nearly 20.000 attendees met in Las Vegas for this year’s Adobe Summit to stay in tune with an evolving marketplace and make meaningful connections. Even for Vegas, that’s a lot of people. One prevailing question joined us all: how do we unlock the power of technology to create more value and build stronger relationships with customers? Here’s what I found out at the conference.

From customer-driven to customer-obsessed

For a while now, we’ve witnessed a growing commitment from brands big and small to shifting from a marketing-obsessed strategy to a customer-obsessed culture where the ultimate goal is to drive purpose and value through long-lasting relationships with customers. This became apparent at Adobe Summit.

Adobe’s CEO — Shantanu Narayen kicked off the first official day of the Summit with the statement:

For a company like Adobe — that relies heavily on its growing community and renewal rates, especially with the recent acquisition of Marketo and Magento, customer retention is indeed key. Nevertheless, this statement brought a reality into focus: the importance of truly understanding the customer journey(s) to own the digital experience and provide value at the right time.

But how do brands do that? Here are 3 key insights from Adobe Summit speakers:

1. Leverage technology with customers in mind

It’s not about simultaneously embracing AI, AR, VR and all the trendy acronyms that are currently populating the martech space. It’s about embracing technology that makes sense to your customers and your brand. Figuring that out becomes easier by taking a step back and carefully looking at the customer journey.

Hubert Joly, CEO Best Buy

Personalization was a key theme at the summit that is making impressive strides for companies worldwide. Pairing it with compelling creative ensures that brands are always in front of the right people with the right content while capitalizing on their retention.

2. Build a strong data foundation

While employing the latest digital technology is key to getting ahead of the curve and blazing the trail for a customer-obsessed culture, its power is limited without a strong data foundation. Having access to accurate insights at the right time is key to convert, retain, and take action.

Companies like Chegg and analysts like James McCormick from Forrester made it clear that building an insights-driven organization has become an imperative for customer obsession.

Working for a company that helps brands become empowered by their marketing data and become truly data-driven, I know how important it is to our customers to create a solid ecosystem where they can rely on actionable insights, in real time.

3. Exceed your customers’ expectations

In a constantly evolving marketplace, meeting the current needs of customers is no longer enough. Exceeding customer expectations is needed to challenge, push borders and continue to think new. A common thread at the summit was creating content and products with users in mind — a bottom-up approach where engaging and helping users is essential.

In practice, this means that brands have become dedicated to creating dynamic and personalized customer experiences in the right place, at the right time. This also means that we’re drifting away from creating content that is about our brand or about delighting the customer to content that actually addresses and predicts real pains that our audiences are facing. As Adobe’s mission is, with the recent release of Adobe Experience, the current direction is to “activate content to deliver real-time personalized experiences”

Diana Daia is Head of Content at Accutics, the best-in-class platform to drive impact with actionable and complete campaign data.

See you at Adobe Summit 2019?

I am already looking forward to next year with team @accutics ! Let’s exchange thoughts and expectations.

With: David Gatdula, Jerry Helou, PhD, Softcrylic, SYSTRAN, DataTrue

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Accutics Industry Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in marketing and web analytics.

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