Little Fires

Date: 27-08-2018

Moshi moshi. Genki desu ka? (Hello, how do you do?) Well, I hope you are doing wonderfully. I know I am a little late for this blog update but I won’t make an excuse because there is a lot I want to tell you. So should we begin or are you still angry? Well, take a deep breath and dive right in.

First of all, know this that my college resumed this Wednesday and I am now a senior. It feels wicked to think about it. Two years here in Bangalore went in a flash. I mean I can remember it but not all of it. It is a matter of consideration that we as humans only remember the time and decisions that are most important to us and we tend to discard the rest. Well, this was also Rakhshabandhan week. So Happy Rakhshabandhan Everyone. A day to celebrate family and life.

Nuff said, now to get to the main reason you guys are here. I have some amazing artworks to show you today. They were made in Procreate and I am starting to get a hang of it.

I have also read Little Fires Everywhere and it is a masterpiece. Getting such a complex yet heart touching story down to its bare bones is truly work of art. Thanks to John Green for recommending it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope you liked it. I will be getting out some versions so that you can have them too. Wink, wink!

Now I would like to write an open letter, just in case, it gets to the intended recipient.

So an open letter to the one who texted me today,

How are you? Fabulous as always I hope. What made you think of me today? How did you end up on the other end of the stick? I accept the fact that I think about you every passing moment but can’t believe that you could for a moment remember me. Was it the moment your hand slipped on your father’s poem you found while cleaning that old books cabinet or was it the feeling that you had to share it with someone who can appreciate it, read the depths within the lines and dive into its soul. Was that the reason you regretted sending me a disappearing picture that you had to click it again and send it normally? Why was it that you after everything we had been through you still thought about a soul such as me? You could have just sent it to him or never shared it at all. Even I had forgotten about asking for it, it had been so long but you remembered. Why? Why did you remind me of the book I asked you about? Why did you tell me that you will send me the best ones and then left me waiting? But you know what, I am not going to ask you about them. Not now, not ever. It has been too over the top and I am over it. So I will let you be free. Free to decide and if you feel like coming back, I will still be here. Waiting. Calmy. But yeah still waiting.

Best Wishes

His best friend

I will end this blog here. Sorry for the late entry.


Talk to you in the next one.

Abhineetam Chaurasia