ACE Poker Daily Tournament Has Begun!

ACE Casino Chain
Sep 19 · 2 min read

Hello ACE CASINO players!

ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino is back with more new exciting events!

We have prepared more exciting events for you.

With tournaments continuously happening, you can participate anytime, anywhere!

ACE CASINO will now have more than 40 tournaments every day for you to win more ACE!

ACE CASINO is the first crypto casino the enables multi-table tournament. Players can participate in various tournaments at the same time. The best part is that we have prepared various types of tournament to accommodate all of your preferences.

Players who enjoy a fast and easy game play can join the Hyper Turbo tournaments. 9-Max tournaments are tournaments that only allow the first 9 participants to registered to participate. Rocket Tournaments are fast paced tournaments for players who are able to quickly decide their next move. The higher the tier of the tournament, the more prizes players can win. No Re-buy & No Add-Ons are tournaments for players who enjoy methodical gameplay. Satellite tournaments on the other hand enable participants the chance to win Daily Big Event tournament tickets.

The main event that makes everyone excited about is the Daily Big Event. Daily Big Event are held every day with different exciting prizes.

3,000 USDT— Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

5,000 USDT — Wednesday, Saturday

10,000 USDT — Sunday

ACE CASINO Tournaments

You can participate in 3 simple steps.

1. Go to

2. Click Poker Tournaments

3. Register for tournaments!

Check out the schedule and start playing!

Play now and start winning in these tournaments!

Good luck!

ACE Casino Chain

ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino

ACE Casino Chain

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HYPERCONNECTED CASINO CHAIN | ACE Entertainment is an online casino developer and gaming operator using blockchain technology.

ACE Casino Chain

ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino

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