What’s new at Acellere?

Acellere office in Frankfurt

2017 has been a year full of hard work for us at Acellere, where we were focused on on our vision for creating a clean code movement, with the official launch of Gamma. Our mission at Acellere is to enable companies to improve upon their software development processes through Gamma. Gamma’s insights have helped today’s largest global corporations to develop, test and validate the platform. These include global automotive companies, financial institutions and energy giants.

We have many interesting things happening at Acellere, so we wanted to take a moment and share some of our updates with you.

Series A Funding

Cologne-based Capnamic Ventures is one of Europe’s leading early-stage Venture Capital firms, with offices in Berlin and Cologne. The VC invests most of its funds in tech startups in the German-speaking region and has just signed up for the first round of financing for Acellere with $ 2.5 million. The funding will assist us in furthering our technology behind Gamma and work to alleviate some of the pain points customers face in their software development.

Our funding announcement has been covered across various press releases, which we are very proud of. You can find some of the press coverage on: Tech.eu, Fortune Magazine and Gründerszene.

German Accelerator Program

A session with mentors at the GA program

The German Accelerator Program is the formula for success for German startups to successfully enter the US market. The program selects 20 tech startups and includes them in their unique mentoring program. The German Accelerator offers founders the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to exchange valuable know-how with their mentors.

Acellere was selected as one of the Top 20 Tech Startups in the program, and our participation in the program has been extended to a further 6 months.

Sales Office in Japan

Since Japan is a market of upmost importance, when it comes to technology and innovation, we decided to open a sales office just to conquer the Japanese market. The new office was launched in early September and Acellere made its debut in the Japanese market at the Embedded Technology and IoT trade show in Yokohama, Japan.

If you want to get in contact with our Japan Sales team, you can reach out to Mark Grice.

A new Head of Finance and Strategy

Beginning of 2018, Benjamin Scherer joined us at Acellere as Head of Finance and Strategy.

Ben holds an MsC in Finance and Economics from University of Bonn and studied Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Ben joined from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Deutsche Telekom AG‘s 1bn AUM Venture Capital and Private Equity arm, where he was working on investment and advisory projects and worked on legal, financial, technology and operations topics during the creation of the fund.

Ben’s excited about innovation and technology and his strong and holisitc background in technology, operations, finance and product management made him a good fit for Acellere. He joined us because he believes in the power of source code focused platforms in transforming the way the world organizes and uses software in the future. Empowering the open-source community and large and small organizations in writing better software faster made him immediately hooked. Seeing our global team and product in action, he is absolutely stunned to be part of our team.

In his free time, Ben likes to blog about technology, the global financial ecosystem and start-up topics and currently is focusing on Blockchain. You can read more about his views on LinkedIn and AlpehNull.Blog.

Benjamin Scherer
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