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Unlocking Jane

Jane wanted to do this. She thought it would be her chance to change her life. This was the chance she had been waiting for her entire life. She felt sad that she doubted herself for so long. Now finally, she had the belief. She had the motivation and she had the time.

In the past, whenever asked if she was able to pursue her dream. The answer would always be in the negative. She thought finally, she would share a positive note with her friends and family. All the years of disappointment were behind her and the day was upon her.

She had been through a lot, lost her way many times, found it again, lost it again, and then found it again. If only her earlier circumstances were different, precious time would have been saved. Many more hearts could have filled with joy.

Every time she felt she was there, she felt a sense of regret. She felt sorry for herself and her life. She knew that if this one thing clicked for her like the way she thought it could, it would right all the wrongs of the past. All at once. Everything could have been like it was before.

Never giving up had helped her. She was always a positive person growing up, filled with life but then life’s rough and tumble made her meek. She felt insignificant in front of the big bad world, until now. With her prayers answered, she had rediscovered the spark. It was going to be an uphill battle from here onwards. But she knew uphill would lead her to the top.

Ever experienced the utter frustration of trying to write fiction and not getting anywhere with it, don’t worry you’re not alone. Jane has bamboozled many before you. Acematiks is the choice of writers for professional writing and for turning Jane’s meaningless meandering into something special that readers will love to read.



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