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Comparison of Top 3 Blockchain Web Browsers (Part 2)

The Internet Explorer or well-known “e”, which symbolizes first browser era will be ended in June, 2022 by Microsoft. Thus, it might give a stage to Google Chrome that currently occupies 65.12% browser market share based on Statcounter data. However Chrome may soon also lose its dominance as web technologies evolve and better, more user-friendly browsers appear.

Image 1: Statcounter / Browser Market Share Worldwide July 2020 — July 2021

Three major blockchain browsers (Osiris, Opera and Brave) introduced in Part 1 are ideal substitutes for Chrome and are exemplary in terms of speed, ad blocking, privacy, interface and others. Plus, unlike Google Chrome, they support web 3.0 technologies.

Image 2: HappBlock / Overview of Top 3 Blockchain Browser

According to the HappyBlock Osiris browser received highest appraisal followed by Opera, Brave and lastly Chrome. Key factors for determining top browser while surfing web were: browser’s speed, privacy, ad blocking and many others listed above.

Parallel survey was also done by Acent’s R&D team that revealed that, in general, blockchain browsers perform better than Chrome. As you can see from the chart below, each browser showed various results in terms of speed and privacy.

Image 3: Comparison of Osiris to other browsers in terms of speed an privacy

Among selected three blockchain browsers, Osiris Browser, powered by Acent, shows superior performance in terms of speed and privacy compared to Brave and Opera, which also supports web 3.0 technologies. Upon thorough check-up, Osiris Browser revealed that it provides 3 to 7 times faster browsing speed through Osiris ARMOR. The latter is designed to block all intrusive ads and shield users from third party cookies on YouTube and other streaming platforms. Thus, Osiris armor brings web surfing experience to the next level.

After Google’s data breach scandal in 2018, lots of users have lost their trust to Chrome and their awareness of importance to protect personal data has increased exponentially. In fact, Google Chrome showed worst performance in terms of privacy protection compared to other three blockchain browsers. Since there are many ways to leak personal data, users find it hard to manage all their records well and avoid unauthorized breach. Thus, choosing privacy-centric browser is, more than ever, utmost crucial in protecting valuable information.

Image 4: Acent Tech R&D/ Comparison of browsers

There were many other components to consider while selecting a top browser. Those components included having a built-in multi wallet, being web 3.0 technology based, haveing mainnet or dApp support and others. Currently, Chrome users in order to use crypto wallets need to install extensions and be exposed to potential malware. Thus, more users are opting-in a browser that already has built-in wallet in order to ensure their asset security. Other browsers were not perfect in all components, since they either lack mainnet support or are not fully compatible with dAppstore. According to the survey, only Osiris Browser has all-in-one and it ensures secure browsing, alongside protecting users’ assets through Osiris Metawallet. Additionally, it is compatible with dApps total marketplace dAppstore and is building its own mainnet. For more information, check Part 1.

To summarize, users might have different criteria while selecting their favorite browser, but it is also a common understanding that a good browser has to provide convenience, privacy, and most importantly ensure asset security. Internet is a common good and the browser is a tool to freely open doors to it.

Protect your valuable personal information and enjoy a seamless web surfing environment for free with Osiris Browser.


Acent aims to provide User-Centered Internet Service by establishing a token economy that combines a blockchain-based Web 3.0 browser.

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