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Da Nang city

Weather and beach

I really like Da Nang because Da Nang is a very good place to have a holiday with your family or your friends. The weather in Da Nang is very wonderful, it is cool and it make me feel comfortable. And the beaches are really really beautiful . the sand is yellow and soft, water is blue, it make you feel you are in heaven. i suggest that when you go to the beach you should bring a camera or a smart phone to take some pictures or selfie. beach have a lot of activities such as volleyball, swimming contest, parachute,…….


when you came Da Nang, you must not forget to eat seafood. Da Nang is a coastal city so it has a lot of kind seafood . when you come to restaurant, you will see the fishes still swimming, all the seafood still alive. but one thing you have to know that seafood in Da Nang is very expensive, but it very very delicious. if you eat seafood in Da nang you will want to eat it one more time.

Ba Na hill

Ba Na hill is a hill station and a resort in Da Ba Na hill, you can see a lot of beautiful flowers, gardens, game outside and game inside house. At the weekend in Ba Na hill, it will have dancers. you can see they dancing and singing. because Ba Na hill are cold so i think you should bring a jacket.

If i have a change i will go to Da Nang in my holiday

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