Independence Day

The second of September

National Day

Independence Day is a great holiday that shows the illustrious victory of our military after defeating invaders. It is the day when Vietnamese people declared independence from slavery. It is an important national day which is held on September 2nd every year.

Historical Event

In the past, Vietnam was dominated by foreign invaders such as the French Colonists, the American Empire and the Chinese. They come from big countries armed with modern weapons and special equipment. It took many years to struggle and gain independence and freedom. September 2nd reminds Vietnamese people to take pride in their traditions.

Meaningful Activities

There are many things to do. People hang flags in front of their houses which are symbols of Independence Day. Vietnamese people offer flowers, fruit and joss- sticks to President Ho Chi Minh and martyrs who were sacrificed for the nation. They also visit historical places and meet the people who were in the army.

Celebrating the festival

On the morning of the day, there are many parades moving around on the street and gathering at Ba Dinh Square in front of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. People crowd the main streets to see the activities. There are big firework displays to celebrate the national day. The festival happens in a solemn atmosphere.

Interesting Experiences

Independence Day is a day off from work for Vietnamese people. It is a time for members who live apart to try to go back home and meet their relatives and friends. There are big parties on the day and people have a lot of fun. It is a special holiday in my country.