My Holiday

The most beautiful beach city in Viet Nam

I’m going to talk about Nha Trang . I like beach , so i visited Nha Trang in the summer of last year. All morning , i went to the sea and i met some friends. We were swimming and i played motor boat. I felt very excited . In the evening, we could eat special food . After we finished eating , we walked along the beach and talked to each other

The biggest city in Viet Nam

I want to Ho Chi Minh city. I stayed 3 days . In here , there are a lot of coffees,

restaurants, towers and super cars. I often went to amusement park and i played extreme games . I felt very scared but it was trying once . I could sightseeing city in Bitexco Financial tower. In the evening , my brother and me walked down lane and we joined dance with many people. I felt so fun and happy

The biggest mountain in Viet Nam

Finally, I come to Fansiban .The weather was horrible , always rain and it was very cold so you should take warm jacket . In here , i could see any thing , tiny houses , hills, rivers… I thinks you should take camera.

I enjoyed so much this summer.I want to go back

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