My favourite place

Singapore is amazing

Singapore’s symbol is Merlion
Singapore is a small island country which is nearby south east of VietNam. It is such a beautiful and clean coutry, which makes me want to live in there.

Public transport

illustrating images for public transport system

The most efficient way to get around Singapore is by MRT and LRT trains. Their rail system serves more than 2 million passengers everyday. Another form of public transportation is by bus system. Buses complement the rail system and take customers closer to their destinations.


Singaporean has many achievements nowadays because their law is strict and they are conscientious. Singapore is called the “fine city” because you may be fined heavily up to 1000 SGD even in prison if you break the law.


Singapore’s food is not suitable with my taste but it is suitable with those who like chicken. Pig and cow are mascot with Singaporean so they don’t eat them and chickens are the only animals they can raise. That’s why they only eat chicken everyday and i don’t like it.