I went to Cat Ba Island last month by car with my girlfriend. I had never gone to visit there before that. It is an imposing view. Today, i will be a tour guide for you.

Amazing Environment:

There are 3 beaches in Cat Ba Island. Coming to travel, tourists often choose one of three beaches for swimming. The water and coast are very clear.

If you want to travel to Cat Ba, you should visit Lan Ha Bay (Orchid Bay). It is in the east of Cat Ba island which is called “Lan Ha” because many kind of orchids grow on the cliff in there. When i went to visit Lan Ha, I rowed a kayak around some caves and swam under water to see the coral. It is very beautiful.


Cat Ba has variety of seafood which are very delicious but not cheap. Marine animals are usually showed and sold in front of the hotel. You can choose and restaurants will help you process them.

I have never seen ordinary rice with seafood which is sold in the market in Viet Nam. It is sold in Cat Ba market. It is very delicious and cheap.

Local People:

Me and my girlfriend had lived there for 3 days. We visited many attractions in that town by electoric car. In the city, they use electronic car to protect environment. My girlfriend lost her glasses when we swum. The local people are very volunteer, friendly, they have us to find drugstore for making new glasses.

If you travel to Viet Nam, let’s come to visit Cat Ba Island, it is a wonderful place.