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🎊A bit different Shrove / Fat Tuesday this year

Traditional yearly “in-office” event, this year in a hybrid form — but still festive and in masks. 🍩🎭🍩

“Pustovanje” — Shrove Tuesday on 14. 2. 2021

Wow, almost a year has passed since we are working full-time remote, but we still keep our office in “bricks and mortar” form just because of this kind of events that do reconnect us again at once and help us keep our corporate culture.

😋 😸 Even-though, not all have gathered in-person, we still managed to make a genuine interactive hybrid form through screens — where the masks and delicious donuts were in the spotlight. 🍩🍯

For those at home — the donuts were delivered as a surprise home delivery, so this meeting was really sweet, sugary, marmladdish …fat as it has to be.

Festive office & remote vibes

If you have a public holiday that lets you become a Darth Vader for a day or a panda ambassador …and just wear goofy masks (which are not pandemic 😷 related!), being a child for a day and just enjoy in the fiction world this is just “a must keep” the yearly event so we are already looking forward the Shrovetide next year.

For more information in English about the events related to “pust”:




ACE.Trade - Quick Dive into the Crypto World #ACETrade

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Urska Saletinger

Urska Saletinger

Head of Corporate Communications @Abelium - Research and Development | CMO ACE.Trade

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