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Our team won at #cryptohackathon

Idea of “A C E* — Analytics on Covid Exposure Networks” convinced the jury at Crypto hackathon 2021 (*disclaimer: not strictly ACE.Trade related, yet).

🎉We are proud to report that the idea, pitched by our team at Abelium and ACE.Trade won last week at the Crypto hackathon 2021. 🏆

Durring intense eight days (8th to 15th JAN2021) of online heckatoning and participating in other interesting activities the event, Functional Encryption Hackathon, had to offer (most themes evolved around “Make Functional Encryption the new Encryption Standard” ) — our team managed to conceptualise the idea and prepare a short demo of the solution, which among other great pitches, was the winning one! 🙌
…and the criteria standards were not so easy to address ✔️

Judging Criteria

In short we have presented:

More in the presentation deck — feel free to ask additional questions.
…and yes, this approach could be easily leveraged with the blockchain, but that will be another challenge we might tackle in the future.

Glimpses from the pitching event:

Our team pitching:

Glimpses from the event


Want to know more?

More about other challenges, applications and use cassias can be found on the organisers page: and their social channels.

We will try to find a way to bring this also into practice — since the possibilities of additional use cases are broad!
We will keep you posted and welcome to reach out in case you would like to join or help.




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Urska Saletinger

Urska Saletinger

Head of Corporate Communications @Abelium - Research and Development | CMO ACE.Trade

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